EGADs!!— Can’t Do That Anymore; Growing Older Brings Big Changes; Regrets & Restoration Resurface; Need for Guide, Mentor, Parent, or Adult Along the Way to Do Right Things;

You are getting older faster than you thought;

Before you know it you are designated as “Old”

Realize that you aging is in steps or events;

At some point–one becomes aware of things that should have been done or not;

Gain awareness of need for guidance & support as one grows older;

Need to plan ahead and know what to expect in time;

Aging is aging — cannot stop it.

Adapt and plan ahead for support & care;

Try to be realistic and calm; Believe in yourself

Get Off My Lanai; Or Front Porch for Larry Ellison; Bot the Island & Now Taking Over All Services; Locals Leaving; Closing Businesses; Upscaling What Was Once Pineapple Fields;

Ellison is calling shots on Lanai.

One by one he has taken over local vendors;

Gradually Getting Rid of Businesses & Re-Building the Island;

Ellison is every body’s boss & landlord –so no alternatives;

He gives little explanation for actions;

No good way to stay on Ellison’s good side;

Results in locals leaving & Leaving Larry in charge;

Ellison has spent $90B to improve the Island;

$300 M purchase came with 98% of Lanai’s 90,000 acres,
Plus two Four Seasons resorts

Hoe This Row, Moe -Now Precision Agriculture—The Application of Information Technology; Provides Data for Ag Farming Decisions; Ultimately Manages Crop Production in Corporate Farming;

Farmers with degrees in technology:

That’s what is going on in farm management.

Management decisions being made using high technology sensor & analysis tools.

Precision Agriculture is new concept adopted throughout the world

Ensures effective management of fertilizers & irrigation processes.

Precision Ag relies on monitoring crop status by observing & measuring variables;

Utilization of remote sensing (RS) systems such as hyper-spectral imaging.

Farming has changed forever;

Feeling Down & Burned Out? Reenergize Yourself; List What is Taking Up Your Time Now. Remember Your Purpose, Goals, & Dreams;  Seek Encouragement;

Look for simple ways to give yourself a little boost when you’re feeling down.

Write your purpose on a post-it.

What’s motivating you to do a great job on a particular project or task.

Take & seek to act on any messages of encouragement,& positive feedback,

Find sources and people who support & encourage you.

Lessons Learned From Droughts Not All Wet– Most Promises for Water by CA Kept; Droughts Produce Policy; Tendency is to backslide After Drought; CA Could Reduce Water Usage by 48%;

Is our water policy all wet?

We gotta cut our usage of water;

There are action-ables that CA can take’

Massive effort to conserve water where ever possible;

Like manage Ground water & rain water capture;

Start with cutbacks in water usage overall;

Set up Water capture & reuse;

Make Preservation of water conservation practices;

Engage in better management of groundwater;

No Way to Get Rid of Plastics; Used in Every Part of Lives; Appears to be No Alternatives for Packaging; No Way Now to Replace; Or Even Recycle Effectively;

Plastics are everywhere, Mrs Robinson

Plastic is in every aspect of our lives;

We cannot live without it at present time;
Plastics today are a 20th Century invention;

Even Packaging industry could account for 20% of oil production by 2050;

Today, the packaging industry is by far the biggest user of virgin plastic;

Need for a change of habits, packaging, re-use, & storage;

Need shorter food chains; better food storage methods; & less waste;

Better methods including containerization & recycle to keep plastics from over running management;

Fund Police & City Departments As Public Safety Team of All City Services & Resources; Combine Police, Fire, Crime Prevention, Community Services, & Emergency, & All City Services

This posting calls for the adoption of a new way or vision of policing & public safety;

Communities need & want protection, prevention, public safety, and policing

There are efforts in some states & cities to defund & reduce police departments.

Several cities have created public safety & community services departments as solution.

Number of cities have consolidated police, fire, & emergency medical services into one dept.

Department of Public Safety (DPS), to become one single integrated unit.

Suck Out That Carbon; Carbon Removal Getting Big Money Backing; Race to Develop New Methods; Demand for Carbon Removal Technology; Capture & Store Underground Indefinitely;

Carbon Removal is about to be BIG;

Critical challenge is removal from atmosphere

Storage underground for many years;

Spurring investment –$2B has been allocated by companies;

Carbon Removal is emerging Hotbed of Financial & Tech Investment.

How? – Use of Direct Air removal process;

Capture & remove carbon and store underground for years;

Carbon collection under ground is like trash pickup process;

Companies are engaging in direct air capture;

Who Needs an AR15? Intended for Combat; The Source is Remington; Anyone Seems to BE Able to Buy; Congress Is Not Outraged or Taking action with Legislation to Control;

Seems You can buy an AR 15 without any restrictions;

No background checks or registration;

Time for rounding up all automatic weapons in U.S.

Ban sales of AR 15s, Period.

Set up buyback plan to get AR 15s off the street;

Make illegal to own an AR15 with big fine.

NY Gov Hochul pushed for ban on AR-15 sales for people under 21

Need for a national law banning automatic weapons like AR 15;

Is Uvalde and Buffalo enough? What happened to our national consciousness?

Show Me the Money; It’s the Problem with Politics; Need for Way to Cap the Amount of Political Contributions; Most Qualified Would Govern; Not Those With Biggest Secret Funders;

Do we really know how money gets into political races;

Money in politics & government is big problem;

Politics & Getting elected is all about money not qualifications;

Need to cap & disclose total political contributions on ongoing basis;

Support Issue One, an American nonpartisan, nonprofit organization;

Seeks to reduce the role of money in politics.

Purports to be bipartisan & works with Republican lawmakers & Democracy Alliance network;

Can We Just Take Action Together? Is That Possible? We Better; Need New Big Disruptive Crisis to Unite Us; Author Lays Out Responses; Start By Fixing a Broken System;

What do we have to do to change things?

Author says we need another major crisis to get us together;

To fix this broken system, we need a major crisis-

Yes, Another one, even bigger;

The Power of Crisis provides a roadmap for surviving—even thriving in—the 21st century.

Bremmer shows governments, corporations, & concerned citizens how;

Bla! Bla! Bla! –and Bla!– Magazine, Newspaper, TV, & Internet Articles Are Too Long; Content Layout is Problem; Without Readability or Listing of Identifiable Action-ables; Are Long Postings Read?

The contented articles in most business magazine are too long.

Too story like and hard to read and to get the major points.

What is needed is a shorter format with clear action-ables.

Little use of subheads; Too few sub Heads in most postings;

Content layout not structured for quick read; What is the point of post?

A digested format similar to is beginning;

When are Trees Healthy? How They Survive Despite Age, Lack of Water & Threats; Need for Plan & Rules to Protect Healthy, Alive, & Old Trees

California forests are full of dead or unhealthy trees;

No way to effectively clear dead growth and fire prone growth;

Trees are growing older & unprotected; so new growth is needed;

Many mature forests are 100 years old;

Young trees are the future;

Competition, insect infestation, & timber harvests are threats;

Burn Baby Burn –May be the answer in the end.

Explore how tree communities can reduce risk;

More Water Cuts Coming in CA; Local Water Agencies Need to Use More Aggressive Conservation; 2/3 of State Agencies Evaluate Coming Severe Drought; Will Affect Food Production;

How long is this drought going to last?

Can California and U.S. sustain water supply indefinitely?

One half of CA already under Water use restrictions; Metro Water Action;

Drought caused loss of 8,490 jobs & $1.2 B in costs;

Californians could see mandatory water cuts amid years long drought;

Drought predicted to last another year;

Mad as Hell; Had Enough; Can’t Just Sit Here Anymore; Frustration Causes Warrior Coach to Blast An Appeal to Congress; Senators Remain Silent While People Outraged;

Finally time to do something

NBA Coach, Steve Kerr, blasts Congress for not acting on gun control;

Kerr appealed directly to Senators about Need to pass HR 8:

Wants every person to think about your own child or grandchild or mother or father or sister or brother.;

Ask Yourself –How would you feel if this happened to you today?

It’s a Matter of Timing; Union Fever Going Epidemic; Union Movement is Now; Young Tech Workers Seeking Capitalize on Comp & Benefit Demands;

Young workers at 3 principal sources of are good to go union;

Meantime older established unions & members seem cool & jaded;

Young people are enthusiastic about unions;

New Union movement is being driven by young workers;

Older Unions do not seem to recognize drive by younger workers;

Meantime, Apple, Amazon, & Starbuck are going Union;

Seeks that ownership of the enterprise is not an option;

The union way may be the future of commerce & distribution;

Tech Warfare in Future is Probably Here; Leaders Seek to Prevent a Great Powers War; Secretary of Defense Says Prepare for New Warfare;

Former active U.S. general says new warfare coming;

Tells West Point grad class to get ready;

World to be more unstable; Significant conflict emerging;

Grads to bear responsibility to make sure we are ready;

U.S. is no longer unchallenged World power;

U.S. cannot cling to weapons of past:

Warfare changing in next 25 years;

Artillery is prevalent in Ukraine; Soon more drones;

Will also be relying on robotic tanks, ships & airplanes;

Also on Synthetic fuels, 3D Manufacturing, & human engineering;

If Only–Where Are the Leaders? Is Absence the Problem? Do they Matter? Leadership Matters; Carly Fiorina is Right On; It’s The Power of Choice;

It’s all in how you think it is;

The power of the mind enables choices;

How? By taking back your power make choices & lead;

90 percent of our sense of satisfaction in life comes from intrinsic sources;

It is not our circumstances, but how we respond to them.

But is a way to get ourselves into trouble–

Live as if our happiness depends on external factors.

Instead demonstrate things like courage, character, & collaboration:

You are what you think you are.

And who you are;

Turkish Drone Maker To Change Warfare; Industry Growth Tenfold in 10 Years; Drones Now a Diplomatic Tool for Turkey Rise;

Drone warfare is or has or is about to be BIG;

Turkish drone manufacturer is dominating market;

Expect to see more drones in Ukraine and other conflicts;

Bayraktar, Turkish engineer invented innovative drone for warfare;

Turkish have invented & marketing drone—Bayraktar TB2;

Delivers laser guided bombs;

Selling them to all countries in Europe, presumably Russia also;

Means we will see more Turkey drones even in Ukraine;

Drones have got to be effective in warfare compared to planes & bombs;

Patient, Heal Thyself–Wearable Technology Transforming Heath Care; Patients Use to Care for Themselves More; Time to Prepare; Payoff in Money & Well Being Are There;

Wearable technology is about to cause revolution in patient care;

Known as “Quantify Yourself” process;

Need & way to diagnose & treat people As Individuals;

Should Enable People to Provide Care for Themselves;

Will shape a forthcoming revolution in health care;

3 ways–Early diagnosis, personalized treatment & chronic disease management;

Data from wearable devices are changing disease surveillance & medical research;

Hey Bro—Time to Man Up –Men Cause Abortions & Pregnancies; Take Responsibility for What You Did; Men Probably Know But Are No Consequences;

How can our society cause males to be responsible for pregnancies?

Most unintended pregnancies result from not using contraception;

Need to set up new system where men have to share burdens of unwanted pregnancies;

They don’t ask, and don’t think to ask, if they’ve making babies at all.

Why? Because there are zero consequences for men who cause unwanted pregnancies;

Never think of their sex drive with impregnation –just gratification,

Race Horses Keep Dying; No Other Sport Would Tolerate Deaths of Athletes; Two Horse Deaths at Santa Anita in 2 days;

Here we go again

More Deaths of Young horses at Santa Anita;

Has the glamour gone out of horse racing?

2nd horse dies in 2 days in May at Santa Anita Park;

Second & 3rd racehorse death in the 6 days.

The clock is ticking fast on horse racing in general;

That’s 8 more horses have died from racing or training injuries at Santa Anita.
Number of fatalities in 2022 are a sharp drop-off from 2019, when 42 horses died;

Widespread debate about safety issues at the track and about horse-racing in general.

The uproar led to procedural and veterinary oversight changes at the park.

The Power of Influence.– Why Can’t We Just Get Along? How We Can Persuade People to Unite & Work Together–Need to Make the Premises of This Book a Part of National Psyche, Purpose, & Education;

Wanna help people with their heads?

Buy give away copies of this book; Send to people who care.

Is probable the most influential books on human interaction in last 50;

Has shaped the workplace culture by developing effective leaders.

Recognizes that by creating a positive climate that inspires team members;

Contributes & influences to their best.

Great leaders are fully committed to the success of their people;

Seek potential and know how to bring out the best in them.

The Downfall of a Navy Seal; Review of Gallagher’s Corruption of America’s Finest As Accessed By a Marine NCO

The Navy Seals returned from Iraq as heroes.

However, Their credibility & standing came into question.

Eddiie Gallagher was their leader & acted out in the battlefield.

Did he murder Three civilians & become a hero or criminal?

A trial followed in which Gallagher got off.

Here is a Review of the court martial verdict & trial by a Marine, Journalist & Consultant

Reviewer Jim Thompson is a credible critic, analyst, & Marine.

Friday, the 13th–Supposed to be a Day of Caution & Threat; Here is What Seems Significant About Today’s News;

Every day something happens that impacts one or many;

Selecting what stands out as of significant is challenge;

Six developments from the past day have been selected

Range from China to California

SoftBank Lost $13.2 B on Tech Investments

Finnish Government Says Country To Join NATO & Membership
Crypto Market Turbulence – Massive decline in value.

Ocean Desalination Plant Nixed- Commission Said No Need;

SoftBank tanks again;

Crypto market corrects;