You Might As Well Just Chill; Do Nothing; Wait for a Soft Landing: So Principal Focus Is Just Chill; Sit & Watch; Inflation & Interest Slowed

Close your mouth;

Don’t Say anything

Just be silent; Say nothing;

During a period of dismal performance, & rising rates experienced.

People tend to want to prevent losses by making moves;

As market goes up & down – they seek to control outcome;

But it just does not work.

As The Stock Market Goes Up & then down people chase it;

Market has & will come back before ;

Buying & selling at right time is going to happen.

Go back to basics of investing

You Gotta Be Kidding? You Work for Big Tobacco? Somebody Has to Work for Bad Companies; Was Done For Money & Filling a Need;

It all about the pay not the cause;

Why do people work for companies that are “bad”?

Employees often proud of their jobs in bad companies.

Known as “sin industries”—booze, gambling, tobacco and more;

Some say pay is the reason—Executives demand.

People work there out of choice Or Free Market Narrative

An attitude that I am going to do it no matter.

People who do this work think of it as important

It’s All in How Products Labeled; Need for Natural Labeling Standards & Common Designations; Clear Up the Confusion;

We can save food that is being wasted;

Reducing waste by new way of labeling

Labeling that allows going past dates;

Business Case Needed for labeling;

“Best before” & “Use By: being used

Use of Sniff Test for milk is giving extended use.

Codes for dates used by store workers;

Do Not use periods as actually longer,

National legislation needed to extend & clarify dates;

New source of food by extending labeling dates

Expiration is not end of use,

WOKE Seeks to Capture Scope of Awareness; “’Stay woke’ Has Became a Watch Word For the Black community: Now an Alert for Racism & Tension For All ;

Woke we seek–

Awaken or maybe not.

People now interpret woke to be a way to describe people who would rather silence their critics than listen to them.

Word signaled awareness of injustice or racial tension;

Became a word of action,

” Activists were woke & called on others to stay woke.”

“The scope of the word has expanded to fields including education and the corporate world.

The word woke became entwined with the Black Lives Matter movement; \

Word signaled awareness of injustice or racial tension;

Became a word of action,”

Activists were woke & called on others to stay woke.”

Also impacted All social injustices;

Letting the Air Out of Inflation Balloon; Purchasing Power Eroded; Shortages Cause Demand & Then Higher Prices; Consumers Shed Spending;

Probably no end in to inflation in World Economy;

High inflation has returned.;

When Will Inflation Ease;

Seems Here for the Long Haul;

How are higher prices affecting consumers?

Strong job market is boosting workers’ pay,

Though not enough to offset higher prices;

High Inflation is every wherein the World;

Question is WHEN;
Series of Fed rate increases appear to be working; 

Fed launches an anti-inflation initiative;

Pay Increases & massive job changes;

Come Home Red Salmon; Chinook Eggs Return to McCloud River; Survived First Time in 80 years; Finally –Now to Keep Surviving in River;

Red is back —

Young Chinook are surviving ;

Experts & Tribes regard return of Chinook as real blessing;

For Winnermem Winter, tribe salmon is cultural center;

Traps were used to catch the salmon eggs;

Need to develop a passage or swim way for the eggs & fish back;

Officials can now monitor eggs growth & behavior;

Tribe guided the return of the Chinook;

20,000 salmon eggs collected with a ceremony;

Tribe & Officials can now monitor eggs growth & behavior;

Red is the fish we need;

Here We Go—8 Billion is Here; Fertility & Low Life Impede Country Growth; Population India Growing Faster Than China; Overall, World Population Growth Appears to Have Slowed;

On one hand, World population seems to be slowing;

Other hand each country has its own growth issues;

Population of World Countries Growing to 8 Billion; China Growth Slowed;

U.S. Will Remain World’s 3rd Most Populous country;

Hi Life & Low Levels of Fertility Impact’;

In Future, population growth will be caused by international migration;

Age of 65 group is growing faster than other population.

Populations will decrease by 1% in 61 countries by 2050

The World Population is moving & integrating;

What’s Not Happening That Should Be? Problems, Issues, & Obstacles That Need to be Solved; Here is a Listing of What Could Be Done to Make Things Happen; Little by Little;

Here is a working list of things that need fixing—

Some are doable- some are very long range & challenging;

Here is a sampling–

Realize, Recognize, & Respond to Climate Change;

Stop Racing undeveloped Young horses & Use of Drugs;

Acknowledge & Counter Systemic Racism

End Filibusters in U.S. Congress;

Reduce Use of Fossil Fuel;

Limit & Make Public All Campaign Contributions;

Retrieve Trash from the Ocean;

Seek to Recycle plastics, glass, & reusables;

Alarm—The World’s Poorest Are Starving; African Countries Hardest Hit; War in Ukraine Compounds Hunger Fight; Need to Make More People Farmers: Vegs Disparately Needed;

Seeds needs to be planted ASAP;

People are starving in many African countries– even the U.S.

Cost of food has pushed the famine to new levels;

Young children are most vulnerable to hunger starvation;

Cost of food in the World has increased since 2019;

War in Ukraine impeding food security;

Choice is taking food from mouths of hunger to feed the starving;

Domestic food production down 40%;

People not able to afford the food they once bought;

Vegetables & veg Oils are needed to counter malnutrition.

Simplex solution might be to get veg seeds to water sources into Africa;

Guns Over Ukraine; More Weapons to Ukraine—Need for U.S, to go back to Making Previous Versions of Weapons; Supply in U.S. Stock Dwindling; Re-track of Manufacturing Now Working;

Still hard to believe that Russia attacked Ukraine.

Putin took massive risks.

Ukraine mobilized in amazing manner & time frame;

U.S Stockpiles in Ukraine Running Low;

U.S. has cut back on making low grade weapons;

Stockpiles of artillery weapons is dwindling;

U.S. Making changes in U.S. defense acquisition & policy system

Building back lost weapon manufacturing of older weapons versions;

U.S. Manufacturing is apparently secret.

How “Coal” Is That? It’s Either More Coal Rather Than More Russia; Coal Makes a Comeback as World Thirsts for Energy: Demand Is There;

Coal was almost trashed, Now Black gold.

Coal is now hot & getting hotter;

Demand for coal is going to be here for a while;

High quality coal is particularly sought;

Short term purchases of coal being made;

Drives Prices to new high causing shortages;

Climate activist concerned about coal use;

Restart of coal energy plants in several countries;

Strong recovery in global economy & wider use of coal for power generation made it happen;.

Coal is now cool & in demand;

The Great Drying; Earth Changing Under Your Feet; Scientists Say Dryness Creating New Soil; Survival of Birds & Fish in Lakes & Rivers at Stake;

Lakes & rivers are drying up;

Drought is upon us,

Severe aridification is coming;

Loss of Trees & reduction of Snow Pack with worse Fires

Factor of heat is also present;

Insistence that human involvement is cause;

Who gets the water? The metro population or agriculture?

Meantime, we adapt to the changes in ecology;

Seek to Learn from the past;

Consider praying for rain;

Rain, Rain, Come and Play!!

EGADs!!— Can’t Do That Anymore; Growing Older Brings Big Changes; Regrets & Restoration Resurface; Need for Guide, Mentor, Parent, or Adult Along the Way to Do Right Things;

You are getting older faster than you thought;

Before you know it you are designated as “Old”

Realize that you aging is in steps or events;

At some point–one becomes aware of things that should have been done or not;

Gain awareness of need for guidance & support as one grows older;

Need to plan ahead and know what to expect in time;

Aging is aging — cannot stop it.

Adapt and plan ahead for support & care;

Try to be realistic and calm; Believe in yourself

Get Off My Lanai; Or Front Porch for Larry Ellison; Bot the Island & Now Taking Over All Services; Locals Leaving; Closing Businesses; Upscaling What Was Once Pineapple Fields;

Ellison is calling shots on Lanai.

One by one he has taken over local vendors;

Gradually Getting Rid of Businesses & Re-Building the Island;

Ellison is every body’s boss & landlord –so no alternatives;

He gives little explanation for actions;

No good way to stay on Ellison’s good side;

Results in locals leaving & Leaving Larry in charge;

Ellison has spent $90B to improve the Island;

$300 M purchase came with 98% of Lanai’s 90,000 acres,
Plus two Four Seasons resorts

Hoe This Row, Moe -Now Precision Agriculture—The Application of Information Technology; Provides Data for Ag Farming Decisions; Ultimately Manages Crop Production in Corporate Farming;

Farmers with degrees in technology:

That’s what is going on in farm management.

Management decisions being made using high technology sensor & analysis tools.

Precision Agriculture is new concept adopted throughout the world

Ensures effective management of fertilizers & irrigation processes.

Precision Ag relies on monitoring crop status by observing & measuring variables;

Utilization of remote sensing (RS) systems such as hyper-spectral imaging.

Farming has changed forever;

Feeling Down & Burned Out? Reenergize Yourself; List What is Taking Up Your Time Now. Remember Your Purpose, Goals, & Dreams;  Seek Encouragement;

Look for simple ways to give yourself a little boost when you’re feeling down.

Write your purpose on a post-it.

What’s motivating you to do a great job on a particular project or task.

Take & seek to act on any messages of encouragement,& positive feedback,

Find sources and people who support & encourage you.

Lessons Learned From Droughts Not All Wet– Most Promises for Water by CA Kept; Droughts Produce Policy; Tendency is to backslide After Drought; CA Could Reduce Water Usage by 48%;

Is our water policy all wet?

We gotta cut our usage of water;

There are action-ables that CA can take’

Massive effort to conserve water where ever possible;

Like manage Ground water & rain water capture;

Start with cutbacks in water usage overall;

Set up Water capture & reuse;

Make Preservation of water conservation practices;

Engage in better management of groundwater;

No Way to Get Rid of Plastics; Used in Every Part of Lives; Appears to be No Alternatives for Packaging; No Way Now to Replace; Or Even Recycle Effectively;

Plastics are everywhere, Mrs Robinson

Plastic is in every aspect of our lives;

We cannot live without it at present time;
Plastics today are a 20th Century invention;

Even Packaging industry could account for 20% of oil production by 2050;

Today, the packaging industry is by far the biggest user of virgin plastic;

Need for a change of habits, packaging, re-use, & storage;

Need shorter food chains; better food storage methods; & less waste;

Better methods including containerization & recycle to keep plastics from over running management;

Fund Police & City Departments As Public Safety Team of All City Services & Resources; Combine Police, Fire, Crime Prevention, Community Services, & Emergency, & All City Services

This posting calls for the adoption of a new way or vision of policing & public safety;

Communities need & want protection, prevention, public safety, and policing

There are efforts in some states & cities to defund & reduce police departments.

Several cities have created public safety & community services departments as solution.

Number of cities have consolidated police, fire, & emergency medical services into one dept.

Department of Public Safety (DPS), to become one single integrated unit.

Suck Out That Carbon; Carbon Removal Getting Big Money Backing; Race to Develop New Methods; Demand for Carbon Removal Technology; Capture & Store Underground Indefinitely;

Carbon Removal is about to be BIG;

Critical challenge is removal from atmosphere

Storage underground for many years;

Spurring investment –$2B has been allocated by companies;

Carbon Removal is emerging Hotbed of Financial & Tech Investment.

How? – Use of Direct Air removal process;

Capture & remove carbon and store underground for years;

Carbon collection under ground is like trash pickup process;

Companies are engaging in direct air capture;

Who Needs an AR15? Intended for Combat; The Source is Remington; Anyone Seems to BE Able to Buy; Congress Is Not Outraged or Taking action with Legislation to Control;

Seems You can buy an AR 15 without any restrictions;

No background checks or registration;

Time for rounding up all automatic weapons in U.S.

Ban sales of AR 15s, Period.

Set up buyback plan to get AR 15s off the street;

Make illegal to own an AR15 with big fine.

NY Gov Hochul pushed for ban on AR-15 sales for people under 21

Need for a national law banning automatic weapons like AR 15;

Is Uvalde and Buffalo enough? What happened to our national consciousness?

Show Me the Money; It’s the Problem with Politics; Need for Way to Cap the Amount of Political Contributions; Most Qualified Would Govern; Not Those With Biggest Secret Funders;

Do we really know how money gets into political races;

Money in politics & government is big problem;

Politics & Getting elected is all about money not qualifications;

Need to cap & disclose total political contributions on ongoing basis;

Support Issue One, an American nonpartisan, nonprofit organization;

Seeks to reduce the role of money in politics.

Purports to be bipartisan & works with Republican lawmakers & Democracy Alliance network;

Can We Just Take Action Together? Is That Possible? We Better; Need New Big Disruptive Crisis to Unite Us; Author Lays Out Responses; Start By Fixing a Broken System;

What do we have to do to change things?

Author says we need another major crisis to get us together;

To fix this broken system, we need a major crisis-

Yes, Another one, even bigger;

The Power of Crisis provides a roadmap for surviving—even thriving in—the 21st century.

Bremmer shows governments, corporations, & concerned citizens how;

Bla! Bla! Bla! –and Bla!– Magazine, Newspaper, TV, & Internet Articles Are Too Long; Content Layout is Problem; Without Readability or Listing of Identifiable Action-ables; Are Long Postings Read?

The contented articles in most business magazine are too long.

Too story like and hard to read and to get the major points.

What is needed is a shorter format with clear action-ables.

Little use of subheads; Too few sub Heads in most postings;

Content layout not structured for quick read; What is the point of post?

A digested format similar to is beginning;

When are Trees Healthy? How They Survive Despite Age, Lack of Water & Threats; Need for Plan & Rules to Protect Healthy, Alive, & Old Trees

California forests are full of dead or unhealthy trees;

No way to effectively clear dead growth and fire prone growth;

Trees are growing older & unprotected; so new growth is needed;

Many mature forests are 100 years old;

Young trees are the future;

Competition, insect infestation, & timber harvests are threats;

Burn Baby Burn –May be the answer in the end.

Explore how tree communities can reduce risk;