New LA Firefighter Robot Gaining Traction by Entering Burning Buildings & the Halls of Civic Government; Goes Where Humans Can’t to Deliver Water & Foam.

Fighting building fires is dangerous for fire fighters, Need ability to fight fire from inside out.
To do this fire fighters need all the tools, resources, technology, and equipment possible.
Entering burning building is very dangerous & threatens lives of fire fighters daily.
A Solution in the making– Robotic Systems developed an inferno buster for Urban Search & Rescue Division.
Mini robot can deliver a powerful flow of water and foam from inside burning building .
and prevent possible injury to fire fighters & damage from hazardous materials

Yes, COVID-19 Will Force The Change of Higher Education; With Zoom Could Save It With Solutions for a Rapid Pivot of the Business Model

The methods, content, & platforms used in delivering higher education are in need of change.
Disruption of higher education in universities and colleges is not over.
COVID-19 lit the fuse for greater disruptions to come in the curriculum and learning process utilized by major universities.
There is a need for immediate change by and within the current ivy-draped halls.
Such proposed changes seek to cast a wider net to serve students ages 18 to forever with Lifelong Learning.
Also a need to break down the existing curricula into their granular learning concepts
And create an ongoing continuous learning process & combined curriculum ,
This complex and innovative disruptive change is advocated by author Mike Pochan on

Car Deaths in the Dark: ESS Proposing New Technology in Vehicle Hazard Lighting to NHTSA & Auto Makers; Signals Automatic Warning of Night Time Crash Ahead.

A stalled vehicle on the highway in the dark and its raining. Could mean danger & a deadly crash. It has.
Need for new technology to prevent deaths & injuries from night time crashes.
Company has come up with System that automatically signals a crash ahead.
ESS has sent lighting proposal to NHTSA & Auto Makers to use high intensity hazard lamps in vehicles.
NHTSA reviewing & evaluating request to add more enhanced hazard lighting system.

Passage of Horse Racing Bills By CA Legislature Adds Little to CHRB Regs & Vet Tests to Curb Horse Deaths – See Distilled Summary of Bills by Respected LA Times Journalist Spelling Out Detail.

Was it all for show? The California Horse Racing Board & The California Legislature have ended up doing little to stop the death of young horses at CA tracks in 2020.
A California Senate Bill 800 and an Assembly Bill AB 1974 were to have provided regs & compliance that moved the Horse Racing Industry Standards forward.
Neither, apparently, did so as out of all the language in either passed bill, only a provision to implement veterinary monitoring of training & medication was not ALREADY IN EFFECT.
So inaction and real oversight of the industry remains an open question.

Your New Boss Just Got Hired; His Name is Mr. App & Lives in a Black Box. Thinks Transparency is Bad Idea. Algorithms Going to Run the Place? Watch yourself?

Apps seek to take over the process, procedures, & monitoring of driver deliveries.
An app can control where and when delivers are made.
Apps are telling delivery people to go against traffic to deliver on time.|
Such algorithmic management is being pioneered by Uber.
Seeks to efficiently manage its distributed driver workforce.
However, vigorous driver protests against a new “black-box algorithm” pay structure & delivery process are being made.

Substitute Food Startup Not Chicken About Eating Up Capital & New Plant Based System Macro-nutrient Base of Hi Protein, Low Carb & Fat;

Chickens are about to be pardoned. The Colonel should take note.
Plant based foods are out to replace chicken in people’s diet by capturing the flavor & taste of chicken without the chicken.
Products that taste like real chicken are sold at Sprouts, Gelsons, Bristol Farms, & Fresh Thyme.
Daring Foods raised $8M to fund the importing of a plant based protein a manufactured in Europe.
Objective is to substitute plant based food for chickens.

CA Gov Sez No Fracking Way; Then Wonders If His Plan Has Power to Stop Hydraulic Fracking by Big Oil; Political Dogfight Coming As Newsom Ponders

What the Frack is going on? Newsom has promised to faze out gas powered vehicles and fracking.
But, Unions & oil companies do not think Governor understands worker plight if ban in effect.
So appears that Issue being punted by Newsom to CA legislature.
Measures of this magnitude need full support of Newsom’s growing influence & leadership.
Looks like either all out fight or delay til 2022.

At Last –An AI & Machine Learning System to Give Drivers, Fleet Managers, & Repair Facilities Complete Feedback on Vehicle Condition.

New system could make fleet managers job a lot easier. Massive data now available.
AI & ML System fills need for continuous data transfer between vehicles & the cloud.
Meets challenge of predicting & anticipating automotive part failures.
Machine learning manages, analyzes, & utilizes vehicle data.System powers applications such as predictive maintenance, driver personalization.
System seeks to provide complete vehicle management system.Monitors driving behavior & tracks vehicle condition.

World’s Biggest Independent Oil Trader is Making Used Gas Powered Cars a Household Name in Europe, Pakistan, & World Auto Retail Markets.

Oil Trader transitioned to marketing used cars globally.
World’s biggest independent oil trader wants to make a deal.
Storied trading house has launched a new venture called Vava Cars.
Sees big market to vehicles powered by fossil fuel as EVs crowd out gas powered sales in major countries.

It’s a National Emergency!: U.S. Seeks to Break China Dominance of Production of Rare Earth Metals Essential to EVs, Cell Phones, & Wind Tunnels

U.S. Declares a National Emergency about China’s dominance of the Rare Earth minerals mining & production.
China controls & dominates rare earth metal market & production.
Has stranglehold on the mining of minerals essential to modern technology
including batteries in EVs, cell phones, and wind tunnels.
Will Take years for U.S. & World to catch up. Some say “Wait a Minute”

Fifteen Horses Put Down at California Tracks August to October 1st. CA Bills Signed to Make Vet, Post Race, Testing, & Imaging Reports More Transparent.

With 15 race horses put down at California tracks in last 60 days
New legislation passed & signed by CA Legislature to increase safety measures.
Two bills really cause Vets to be the police and practitioners at the tracks
California Racing Board now post deaths on spread sheet that hard to find so CHRB site.
Horses under the age of 5 whose bone development is not mature will continue to break down.

Software Giant Oracle May Have Fallen Asleep; Gets Wake Up Call; Tiktok & White House Smooze Provide Reset Op to Take on Amazon AWS & More Cloud

An oracle has been defined as message given in earnest, typically one that is ambiguous or obscure.
Larry Ellison’s influence & market share in database management is now in doubt & indefinite.
The possibility of Tiktok for Oracle cloud may wake up Ellison & Silicon Valley.
Oracle has fallen behind, now seeks to reinvent and rebrand.
Triggers a rise of specialized digital repositories on Open Source software.

Report Sez Only Half of Companies Are Using Agile Planning; Process & Application Challenge Compounded by COVID & Disrupted Business Planning

It’s a sprint. Agile planning is a series of business planning sprints.
Essentially a project planning method that estimates work using self-contained work units.
Units are called iterations or sprints for periods of 1-3 weeks;
Team focuses on a small set of work items and aim to complete them.
Agile planning defines which items are done in each sprint such as COVID disruption of business practices.
Could provide time and resource to be agile, if not a a requirement.

What Do You Suppose Would Happen if Women Made All the Retail Automotive Management Decisions? Credit, Personnel, Sales & Service? If Owned & Ran the Store?

Women are not really running most automotive dealerships.
For example, only 19 % of F&I management professionals are women.
Women are the majority of employees working in auto dealership.
Most are in the office management & administrative positions.
Men make the decisions; Women, generally, do the crunch work. This needs to change.

Making Air Mobility Projects Fly Challenged by High Costs, Safety Concerns, & Battery Weight; Auto Makers Acting Natural & Taking Flying Lessons

Can flying machines overcome the problems of vehicle traffic?
GM & Asians is looking into aviation, flying taxis, & considering future of air mobility.
Wants to examine possibility of electrification, autonomy, & connected services.
High costs, safety concerns, and regulations may limit deployment. Even battery weight.
Innovation in  battery technology spurred by electric cars making air mobility look possible.

Australian Battery Tech Working in Utility Market: But Tesla Batt Day Suggests Hornsdale & Other Battery Sources & Types to be Tested & Possibly Utilized.

In spite of success and utilization of the Hornsdale batteries, there seems to be Tesla need for more power & long charge.
Number of other battery technologies are in development.
Battery costs continuing to fall & renewable power sources proliferating.
Cobalt-free iron phosphate design that could cost as little as $80 per kWh.
Tesla hoping batteries can function for million miles before being replaced.

New Technology to Forecast Forest Fires is Being Adopted; Now There is an Urgent Need for Technology & Resources To Prevent & Fight Massive Wildfires

Figuring out what a forest fire is going to do is an ongoing problem.
Fire fighters are using methods & models from the past and from new technology.
A web of fire stations, camera, & satellites provide vegetation & moisture levels.
Will help officials plan evacuations & power shutoffs.
Fire Technology comes from Technosylva now being used by Cal Fire & 3 utilities.
Rothermel model is mathematical equation to explain rate of fire spread.
Has been used for years to try to predict fire behavior & still relied upon.

The Management & Leadership of the Automotive Business Model & Platform Is Still Not Providing the Career Opportunity & Empowerment for Women.

Even though it seems at times that neither men nor women can figure out what to do about the imbalance in the automotive industry,
Here are some action-ables until the next posting about the problem.
If the industry wants to attract and retain a gender-diverse workforce, it should realign its cultural norms to make them more conducive for all;
Weed out the biases that discourage women from joining auto companies;

EV’s Are Expensive Because of the Cost of Lithium Batteries. Recycled Batteries Could Make EV’s More Affordable Using New Technology & Smelting Process.

EVs are expensive because of the cost of the minerals that compose the batteries.
However, there maybe a solution.
Batteries can be recycled through smelting, direct recovery, & other means
Companies like Li-Cycle using advanced recycling technologies to recover up to 100 % of lithium.
Effort is to use old batteries to provide new products & services & to use recycled EV batteries to make new batteries.

Homestead Land Act for Hawaiians on Molokai Becomes Mired in High Costs, Shortage of Money, Bureaucracy, & Molokai Life Style

Land management is a constant challenge to communities, areas, and governmental states.
Hawaii and the Island of Molokai is no exception
What seemed to a Godsend to Hawaiian people was the Homestead Act.
The ideas of giving native Hawaiian acreage to grow crops and food for themselves was needed,
However, pineapple companies, bureaucracy, and leadership intervened & brought neglect & inaction,

Desalination has largely been abandoned in Hawaii. But that’s about to change. Now On list of Recommended Sources for Better Water Management for Molokai & Other Islands

Access to Water & it management is becoming a central issue as Climate Change & Local Crop production increases.
Water districts, local governments, & agricultural jurisdictions are going to be more critical as dependency on water supply grows.Reverse osmosis uses a high pressure to separate water molecules from the seawater-side of a chamber.
Water then flows through a membrane to the freshwater-water side.
New programs are kickstarting a movement. Investors are seeking to make desalination a viable option.
The Islands of Hawaii including Molokai are considering developing desalination plants & sourcing for communities.

Plastic Bottles & Bags Are Only 50% of Recyclables; Cost & Time of Plastic Degradation Remains as Economic, Ecological, & Environmental Constraint

In spite of sustained recycling processes, only about 50% of plastic bottles, bags, and packaging are be recycled.
This means that there are plastic product that are not be recycled for various reasons.
There is an almost urgent need for new technology, investment, and governmental focus on recycling and reuse of plastics and other materials

COVID Brings Fresh Vegetables to Your Door; Mobile App Moves Produce from Farmer Markets to Consumers With Easy Subscription Ordering & Regularly Scheduled Delivery.“

Fresh vegetables delivered to your door. That’s what a new app does for COVID bound produce shoppers.
The leading provider an apparent national strategy of delivering fresh vegetables to customer doors is
The app offers local produce in an easy ordering and convenient delivery service in major cities.
Customers can arrange subscription or regular deliveries while growers post their produce offerings online.
Nearby farms arrange pickup and delivery service & the app has routing feature for delivery drivers.
Produce will be delivered within 12 hours of the order.

EV Makers Looking to Startups for Innovation As Logistics Supply Providers Lag Behind in Technology; EV Issues Similar to ICE Vehicles; Safety & Power of Batteries Expensive;

This report from an internationally known & respected publisher-editor spells out the current position of global logistics.
While Technology is very important it seems that all logistics companies are quite behind on technology.
The content of this report should cause global logistics management to have a wake up call.

Have the U.S. Tech Companies Let America Down? Where’s the Innovation & Global Leadership? Dropped the ball? Techs Seem to Focus on Making Money, Audience Size, & Not the Future .

U.S. Tech Companies are allowing China is gain Tech advantage.
Eric Schmidt, former Google leader, says we, the U.S. or they “dropped” the ball.
Companies have not funded basic research & are focused on their size, market, and regulation.
U.S. must allocate and provide more funding for more technology.
Allow international talent with high skills into the country.
Stop blocking Chinese tech companies