Auto Dealer Business Model Changed by COVID19; Surging Online Sales Option Becoming Primary Way to Buy a Vehicle; Dealers Waking Up.

Buy a Car Online- Deliver to your door just like dinner. That’s the way it is going.
COVID 19 fall out has dramatically changing the way people buy car & trucks.
A surging shift to Internet Retailing from going to showrooms & those dealer visits.
Carvana leads the “caravan” to online sales of people’s vehicles. Dealers scramble to compete.

Mark Cuban Now “Gets” Women, BLM, & Single Payer Health Care; Deems Citizens as Customers of Government Who Want More than Traditional Solutions”

The U.S is almost desperately searching for solutions to its citizens health care.
While many have programs and ideas, Mark Cuban seems to be actively probing for answers.
Asking –“OK, what have we seen that has worked? ”
“How do we get from here to where we need to be?” CLICK to Learn Significance of Mark’s involvement.

Shell Company Raises Capital to Underwrite EV Truck-Car Development Using Creative Wall Street Private Equity SPAC Funding Mechanism

Investors in the stock underwriting business community create shell companies that have no operations.
These transitory financial entities are called a SPAC or Special Purpose Acquisition Company.
Such financial structures are raising capital for investment in Nikola Trucks, Hylion, and Fisker Auto.
The SPAC is then transitioned to an IPO and placed on the Exchange for more investors.

Auto Loan & Lease Portfolio Data & Trends from Equifax Show Only Some Concern About Slowly Rising Delinquencies; No Stress or Duress

The financing and underwriting of auto loans and leases goes on- Pandemic or not,
The impact of the COVID19 shutdowns and dealership closures has not yet impacted the delinquencies appreciably.
Both Loan and Lease Portfolio companies have yet to become alarmed as funding digitization comes to rescue. Second Quarter numbers will be revealing.

Wake Up, America. Pandemic or not: Need for Massive Reskilling & Retraining of Workers, Even those in Tech; Auto Could be Crisis in the Making .

How Prepared are we ? Every job is changing.
Is Corporate America and the Government investing to make sure Workers are re-skilled and retrained to meet changes brought on by technology? Need for companies to transform their operations with retrained employees.
The choice is to either retrain existing employees or hire new qualified employees in technology & automation. Which is best for the financial and strategic survival of companies & their people?

Rough Roads & Aging Bridges Ahead: 45% of U.S. Highways & Bridges Are in Poor Condition; Drones Lead Pot Hole Detection

The question for national, state, & local governments is “Are you funding the needed repairs now?”
It is apparent that the nation’s highways and bridges are in a general state of deterioration & un-repair.
The need for the nation’s roads & bridges to be repaired & safe compounded by increase car travel due to Pandemic. This is a crisis in the making.

How Being Grateful Will Boost Your Mental Health & Help You Cope with COVID Stress

You are stressed, And you are not alone as you well know.
Ever once in a while you find a How-To article or resource that is timely and helpful.
Hopefully this list of actions that you can take will give you a boost and make you realize that you are in control again.
The core element of this postings is that you will feel empowered & invigorated if you are being grateful.

Graphene in Autos Using Generative Design Accelerates Future of Safer Street-Legal Race Car, Meds, & Bioelectric Devices.

Graphene, sometimes referred to as Graphite as used in pencils,
In spite of its complex structure may impact the safety of future automobiles.
Graphene has tremendous applications in composites & coatings in vehicles and in medicine
The material is light, strong enhancing the safety of safe vehicles.
Material has growing applications aircraft and automotive composites.
Most important attribute is weight savings in vehicles.
Widening applications for the material in the form of powder. Used in production of coatings for touch screens & precise sensors & displays.

Leading Store Floor Cleaning Robot Takes on the Dangers of the Pandemic Health Crisis; Becomes the “Microsoft of Robotics” & Not To Be Floored by Risks.

Robots with an autonomous navigation platform now clean/disinfect stores, airports, hospitals, & subway systems.
Brain Corp’s robotic technology has moved into health sector, migrating from core technology for autonomous robots in floor scrubbing. logistics, retail, delivery,& inspection already partially automated.
Focuses on sanitation & unnecessary contact & handling in supply chain.
Pandemic has stirred an increased & continuous need for disinfection thus creating a new market the company.
Seeks to be the Microsoft of Robotics,

Robots Are Going the Last Mile & Up Your Driveway to Deliver Food, Meds, & Supplies- All Without Wearing a Mask.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a 6 wheeled robotic delivery cart going down your street.
Robots are being utilized in major cities to deliver food, medicine, & other critical items.
This kind of service really works for people who can’t get out or are sheltered from exposure to COVID19.
Becoming a “Star” so the name StarShip seems appropriate.

Putting Horses Down: Researching Protein & Identifying RNA Markers to Prevent More Catastrophic Racehorse Injuries

Can research in and around the massive injuries to race horses actually reduce or even identify other reasons for these horses breaking down?
Research in the UK & Kentucky Horse Commission thinks and hopes so.- about to publish a study.
By studying biomarkers in proteins they are accumulating data that may give the horse racing industry some answers,
Being able to determine the likelihood of a forthcoming injury is a major scientific breakthrough. What the Industry craves right now.

Show how algorithms are programmed

Is the Cost to Develop Your Ingenious Algorithm Worth It? So You Can Go Fishing? Can Now Measure & See If

Algorithms have not yet been trained to beg, But seems like it is as much work and cost to train an algorithm as a horse or a dog.
The Measurement of that cost vs return is now available.
Researchers & scientists are being encouraged to mitigate the carbon footprint of an algorithm.
Seeking to use computers that run on solar power or hydroelectricity to reduce foot print. Resulting in less training time and data for an algorithm coding.
Tools are being developed to automatically determine amount of dioxide emitted. Go Algo…

Getting Diverse about Disrupting Diversity: Four Actions to Drive Change – Not Just Talk

There seems to be a need to keep diversity and inclusion in front of Corporate America. Some progress is being made.
The COVID19 pandemic has de-prioritized the focus on advocating & implementing changes to bring women and minority management to the forefront.
The action-ables from this in-depth and substantive article from the WSJ are solid moves for all of America to make, particularly the automotive sector.
This higher priority now needs higher leadership to take higher levels of action to achieve what is right.

“Moloka‘i Nō Ka Heke” [Moloka‘i is the Greatest] But Did Monsanto’s Spraying Chemicals Turn Portions of Molokai into a GMO Wasteland? Did Money & Time Fix The Problem?

Has Molokai recovered for the use of chemicals on its rich red volcanic soil?
Could what turned out to be a few million dollars from lawsuits really do anything to compensate or help the people of Molokai to build a life and a viable economy. One can only Hope.

Monsanto has apparently remained on the Island after Monsanto was purchased by big Bayer. Now Molokai is rebuilding its land, its people, and its culture. The Place is the Greatest “Moloka‘i Nō Ka Heke”.

Out of Control COVID19 Has Made Threat of Climate Change Catastrophe Asymptomatic & Lesser Priority

Taking on Climate Change. Just when the Country seemed to be ready to build on the momentum for action to cope with Climate Change, the Pandemic hit.
The lack of leadership from the national U.S. government has muddled priorities, down graded climate standards, regs, and enforcement
By and large. the division about which way to go has stalled the movement when there is NO time to waste. The Time article is almost a must read. Says it all.

They’re Still Off & Not Running: How to Make Sense Out of CHRB Race Horse Necropsies, Vet Reports, & Wimpy Maryland Lasix-Free Pilot Program Agreement for 2023

The issues, challenges, and inaction of the combined horse racing infrastructure are gradually doing it in.
The use of performance enhancing drugs like Lasix has been dealt with –in Maryland recently, but not a ban for nearly 3 years from now.
The California Horse Racing Board Report is full of tests and scientific pub reference but little action on year old report.

How To Deal With Both the Good & The Bad Things U.S. Presidents Have, Should, or Could Have Done

Americans have always tried to honor their presidents, The Good and even Bad ones.
This has been done out of respect for the office & the cohesion of the country.
Heightened attention as part of Black Lives Matter has resurfaced past deeds and actions of presidents.
So statues, memorials, & history are being scrutinized to rid the deeds of Racism by our leaders.

Spot, the Robot, at Work

Spot, the Robot Dog, Makes No Bones about Taking on Dangerous Jobs in Construction, Nuclear Sites, & Factories Using Much Situational Awareness

Retailers are hiring thousands of Robots to replace people.
Spot, the Robot Dog, performing multiple jobs formerly done by humans.
Monitors remote or hazardous environments & provides situational awareness.
Doing dangerous jobs reducing the risk to human injury, Make no bones about it.

Cuomo Uses a Comm Style that Gives the Press, People, & Politicians Five Lessons in How to Communicate Effectively

One of the major challenges for national & local governmental leaders is to get their message across.
Andrew Cuomo has risen to the occasion and this level with the COVID19 Pandemic in NY by being a master communicator,
His daily briefings were and still are captivating presentations because of his style, transparency and human touch. He is believable & a leader.

Leading Horse Racing Trainers & Professionals Seek Legislation Stalled By Congress To Clean Up Industry & Prohibit Performance Enhancing Drugs

The Horse Racing Industry remain in peril and threat of extinction.
Key legislation seeks to deal with use of performance drugs and other abuses is stalled in Congress
The proposed Horse Racing Integrity Act (HR1754/S1820) has not moved out of committee since introduction.
With the pandemic prohibiting racing crowds at major tracks, the industry infrastructure & leadership is stuck and silent. Nothing is happening.

Watch Your Language: How Men Talk to & About Women in the Workplace is About Power & Needed Change

The way we talk to each other at work needs to change. Remove the gender language.
Language needs to change is because the needs of those who use it change.
How men talk to women has been important socially even culturally. Now the need for change has come to work.
How we talk to each other is critical & It appears that men are getting it but slowly

Do Not Defund Police Departments; Rather Merge With Public Safety Depts: Combine Functions, Leadership & Mission

There is much controversy now about defunding the budgets of police departments.
The solution may be to not defund but rather move funds, officials, and functions to one agency or department.
Then modify, adapt, and allocate resources to attain public safety, law and order, and community stability,
This change seems logical and easy on the surface but it will require vision, leadership, and some police departments to change and be more transparent.

Are the Everywhere Microplastics Filling the Ocean, the Environment, & Your Stomach ?

Microplstics are pollutants and are of the greatest concern to environmentalists.
Know and learn the major sources.
Washing Microplastics down the drain does not remove them even by using wastewater treatment, processes, or filtration systems.
Eventually this creates  problems and a kind of finely grained plastic particles in the environment & spreads to the ocean.
More Research is a must and hopefully this is and will happen. To be Continued.

Bud Gets Better With BetterUP’s Women Focused Leadership Program Brew

Things and people are getting better by working at or maybe even drinking Bud.
AB Bev that owns Budweiser brands is focusing on leadership programs with emphasis on women.
It seems that women are just not being hired or entrusted with high level management positions at many companies.
Budweiser seeks to fix that situation, but the brew is not as far along as they would like.