Get Ready; You Probably Are Going to Work Most of Your Remaining Life; Stage Your Aging for Longer Career; Work Future of 60 year Careers are becoming the norm

Old people seem to struggle to keep up or just not be discarded.

Young people seem to realize the prejudice toward them & older people.

Ageism is prejudice or discrimination against people based on their age.

To Counter– Replan your life span.
5 ways to combat & even prevent ageism at work :
1. Remain vigilant, recognize stereotyping & avoid making assumptions.
2. Offer training opportunities.
3. Match for Social Cues in Workplace:
4. Open Dialogue With Employees.
5. Implement mentorship programs

No Spin-Land in Finland–People Are Living in the Happiest Country in the World; Knowing that Government Has Their Back Fosters Trust; Meantime U.S. About Anti-Trust

Whom do you trust anymore?

So much of life is about trust– in government & fellow humans.

The incalculable value of trust in government demonstrated in Finland.

Living in a republic of reasonableness fostered safety.

Compared with U.S. that has no safety net for crisis.

Finland has avoided Toxic battles of “Us vs. Them”

Money on the Waters—Cleaning Up the Ocean; Cost & Capturing Vast Ocean Energy are Constrained; Old Time Soylent Green Movie Depicts The Task & Its Cost

Wave Off–So goes the Ocean.

Technologies for Harvesting Ocean Energy need attention to go mainstream.

But the cost to capture ocean energy is the major constraint.

Wave technology is in its early stages.
Utility scale projects are still years off.

Meantime, we better stay on this problem.
Ride the Waves.

Park Those Police Cars; Get Police Out of Cars & On the Street With Public Safety Teams.; Carrying a Taser Not a Gun: Walking Streets & Riding E-Bikes on Beats

What do you suppose would happen if City Police did not carry guns?

Tasers would be used if force became apparent to subdue suspects.

Instead, the police operating as a Public Safety team used alternative weaponry.

See extensive list of alternatives and cities that are or may be using tasers & guns

Ya-Even a bean bag might restrain the Perp

Will Capitalism Run Out of Capital? Can Conscious Capitalism Keep Driving ESP Investing? Is U.S. Economy a Successful Model for Global Adoption of Capitalism? U.S. Being Copied?

Show me your capital. Capitalize on Capital.

Capital is going to scarcer in 2020s

Populism, climate change & supply-chain fixes will raise long-term cost of capital.

Economic populism seems to have no constraints.

Fiscal stimulus is back in style

We Got “Truth Decay”- Come Clean, America; Assessing the Truth is The Challenge of Our Times; Retiring Rand Corp Author & Leader Seeks Mind Share of the Public to Find Best Solutions

Tell me the Truth & Tell me now.

Universal ability to identify & hold on to the Truth is/ are under siege.

Now is time to break out & act on solutions from Rand Corp & its leader.

Book focuses on breaking Out Action-ables from Rand Studies

NEWSPAPERS ARE NOT BEING READ: Washington Post Probes for New Direction; Are newspapers a dying Form Of Media? Need for New Format, Contenting, & Posting of Info.

A newspaper or magazine just posted an article.

So why and what prompted its selection & ultimate posting?

Internet access, advertising, corporate ownership,& social media, newspaper production has declined.

Big question might be-:Will people give up having to read a story-like content in NP & print magazines

LA IS A KILLING CITY, Mr. Mayor; What More Can LA City Gov’t & Garcetti do about it? Who can deal with this Problem? Start With Getting Police Out of Their Cars & Walking or Biking Their Beat

Is the killings in LA really as bad as it looks?

Need for More Action by LA City Government & Real leadership.

Need to provide actionable steps for municipal leaders to take on areas.

Develop & deliver alternative and innovative responses to violence
Prevention precedes revolution. Time for Action

12 Ways to Connect & Mobilize People In 2022; Biggest Challenge of National & Local Leadership. We All Must Find Solutions & ACT

We are not yet able to communicate with each other effectively.

Need for every one to be quiet and just listen to others for a while

Maybe some of this list will sink in and we will all work on understanding each other?

Just maybe,

We could start be being very clear and specific about what ought to done.

Bad Customer Service Is Still Big Problem: Need to Reinvent Call Centers: In Future Artificial Intelligence Seems to be Solution.

Is AI the answer?

There seems to be nothing quite as frustrating at trying get some one in Customer Service on the phone or email.

Then to get a resolution or solution to your problem with the provider

S0 there is a blatant need to redo the whole customer service infrastructure, process, and support

How Amazon Can Really Revolutionize Corporate America Even More-Turn Amazon Into an ESOP; NLRB Says Must Let Union Freely Organize; Rather Make Employees Shareholders

A move by Bezos to Make Amazon an ESOP would change corporate America.

Amazon would become America largest Employee Stock Holder Company.

Employee have shares of stock in the corporation they work for,

Stakeholders have an interest in the performance of a company

Bezos To Be even bigger American Icon;

Unions would represent employee-owners on decision boards

Who Is Riding the Industry Racing Horse? Associations & Agencies Clash over Industry Control of Drugs & Meds; Industry Infrastructure Jockeying for New Rules.

Stuck again
HISA’s Anti-Doping and Medication Control (ADMC) program to end horse deaths is stuck again.

Creating a central, empowered horse racing authority has stopped over what agency has the authority.

Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) announced the suspension of negotiations with USADA.

Efforts to restore the integrity of thoroughbred horse racing stymied.
Though Industry appears unsure what will come out of talks now.

Now If We Can Just Fix Work–Need to Focus More on Making the Work Place Where Things Get Fixed; Now Growing Gap in Workers Do & How Paid.

Work is changing in where and how

With it -growing gap between worker productivity & compensation.

Work continues to ignore the role of systemic racism, pervasive sexism, & empowerment.

Declining worker power is influencing labor market outcomes.

Work place’s acceptance of the persistent overrepresentation of women & workers of color in low quality work.

Right Time To Act But Muzzled Spin Messages at Horse Racing Symposium; Provided Insights With No Real Solutions to Deaths of Racing Young Horses & Drug Mgt.

Did Global Symposium Seek to resolve horse racing death Issue?

Looks like Race Track Management symposium was about track management not horses.

Sought to share vision & outline the industry’s most pressing needs BUT
Symposium agenda did not seem to focus on real problems for Racing industry.

Track leaders continued to circle back to equine & track safety.
Driven by the provisions of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act

No More Standing in Long Lines; Biometric Screening Adopted by Travel Moves to Retail Stores; Avoids Waiting in Long Lines at Airports & Where Lines Form.

Look me in the eye and will let you pass by.

No more waiting in long lines for service & care.

Biometrics scanners are hardware used to capture the biometrics for verification of identity

Screening product for air travel now is new applications in retailing & store management .

Can be used to identify individuals in all situations.

Who Are the Real U.S. Ambassadors? The Whole Diplomat Appointment Rewards Needs to be Discontinued; Career Diplomats are in Assigned Country So Should be no need for Other Diplomats; What Does Mayor Garcetti Really Know About India?

You raise money. You support my presidency. Then you get be a U.S, Ambassador & Diplomat.

This practice of rewarding donors & supporters of the President should stop.
What does a local civic politician really know about a remote country?

Garcetti appointment to India is entirely ceremonial and patronizing as example.

Career diplomats & staff are in place and full qualified & knowledgeable about assigned country

No More Horsing Around: Horses Keep Being Put Down; 71 Race Horse Deaths at CA Tracks So Far in 2021; Activists Groups Demonstrate at Major CA Tracks;

Activism to stop horse racing is back;

Demonstrators held UP “tombstones” representing the deaths of 26 horses who died at the track in 2021.

The Horse Racing Industry does not seem yet ready to deal with what is “killing it off” – one horse at a time.

Looks like Horse Racing Industry accepts the deaths of at least 100 horses at CA tracks for the year 2021;

What Are We Trying to Do? Save the Planet; Here are 10 Objectives to Get to Net Zero Emissions by 2050. Need for Speed & Scale

Getting to Net Zero Emissions is the major objective.

See list of ten areas for action.

Goal is to achieve balance between greenhouse gases put into atmosphere & those taken out.

Referred to as carbon neutral; although zero emissions & zero carbon are slightly different.

Usually means that no emissions were produced in the first place.

2050 is time line.

WHAT’S NEXT? The Power of Science & Technology is Taking the World Into New Era of Exploration & Experimentation; See List Growing With Investment & Innovation.

Wow –What is next?
Can we keep up?

Seems to be more innovation, startups, & investment in Technology than ever.

Science is gaining more credibility in spite of COVID & Misinformation

Here is a significant list of what is emerging where science & tech are focusing.

Startups are being funded with innovative SPAC underwriting.

All or most of this Working List are being developed and gaining investment & impact.

From the publication of the all inclusive and definitive Economist magazine.

22 emerging technologies to be watched, adapted, & adopted:

High School Jocks–Be Recruited by Colleges, Turn Pro, & Get a Full Boat Collegiate Athletic Scholarship to Play for the Alumni. Show Me the Money Not An Education –like $3.6 B Each Year.

Student-athletes receive $3.6 B in athletic scholarships.

Have colleges become farm teams for pro sports?
Star athletes are recruited, provided full boat scholarships, & benefits.

If you become college star & team winners, they then turn to real pros for bigger money

If they are college stars then they drop collegiate scholarship for bigger pro money.
The purpose of sports programs in higher education schools is lost as winning becomes everything.

Developing future leaders and citizens is not the focus– its is winning & winning.
Losers are benched and coaches are fired.
Then it’ s on to find winning formula & program. Not Building character, trained community leaders, & contributors.

Hang on to Your MBA Hat.! “The Golden Passport “is New Book about Harvard & MBAs Causing Consternation on & off the Campus in Cambridge & Wall Street

What is your assessment of this “Indictment of the MBA Expectation” by the author of “The Golden Passport”, Duff McDonald?

HBS is in a class of its own. It is the pinnacle of elitism which is not necessarily bad.
The average MBA schools do not create elitism; those ranked 1 – 10 might, but not 11 – 50. Greed is behind it all. HBS leverages that.

The Moral Failure of the MBA Elite is not because of the MBA, but because of erosion of our society’s morals.

Here’s A New, Innovative Form of City Government: Put All Functions of Public Safety & Control Including Police Under One Combined Department; And No Defunding of Police

Turn the function, purpose. & organization up side down.
Get all city department working together on the streets.

Combine Police & Public Safety Department’s including function & leadership.
Funding of Police Dept. would remain the same or increase under Public Service organization.
All functions of a City would be integrated into one Public Safety Dept. & Mgt.

Public Safety Resource Protection & Emergency Services Director & Administration would provide leadership, management, & strategic guidance.

Making Changes Gets Carbon Credits; Helps Soil Hold Water & Draw More Carbon Dioxide Into Storage Under Ground: Farmers Paid to Reduce Use of Nitrogen Fertilizer.

Objective is to remove Carbon from the Atmosphere & Getting Credits for it.

Climate Model Scenarios to remove billions of metric tons of carbon dioxide.
This accomplishment will be made annually by 2050, while also ramping up emissions reductions.

Use of new ways & technology the biggest challenges of managing climate change.
One way is to storage carbon deep underground.
Changes were needed to help the soil hold additional water & prevent erosion

One change was to use of carbon credits as new product in farming business model.

Young Race Horses Put Down at CA Race Tracks: 3 More at Golden Gate; One at Los Alamitos in a Week; Cause of Death Deemed Musculoskeletal or Fatal Injury

And the euthanization of young horses goes on & on.
Young Race Horses continue to be put down at Tracks.

All Four of California Tracks have had multiple deaths
Recently, Golden Gate Fields appears to be the worst

Cause of deaths was listed as musculoskeletal. Suggests that immature bone structure not fully developed.
Young horses under 5 are the victims of serious injuries.
Los Alamitos track experienced another death last week

When if ever will the racing of young horses stop?

The Great Carbon Pull Is On: Company Seeks to Find Cheaper Way to Remove CO2; Uses Direct From Air Process, Shipping Containers, & Zeolites

Objective is to remove CO2 or carbon from the atmosphere.
And store CO2 it pulled out air in basalt-based minerals
Being on-site will make that integration cheaper.
Need to avoid new carbon emissions & remove carbon dioxide..
And to deal with warming of planet by more than 2 degrees Celsius

One way to do this: Direct-air-capture (DAC) technology.
Pulls CO2 directly out of the air, so it can be stored somewhere else.

But High cost of DAC today means few companies currently use it.