How The Virus Will Affect Climate

The Coronavirus is spreading and killing people globally. These death counts are lead by the U.S. The economies of all countries are defaulting on a global scale. Stay at Home orders are disruptive

Experts contend that governments, particularly the U.S. leadership, could have and should have acted earlier and more decisively to curb the spread of the pandemic.

There does not seem to be a solution to eliminating the Coronavirus until a vaccine, an antidote, or an immunity is established or produced by a combination of governmental, scientific, and medical establishments accomplish a cure and the data to prevent spread or recurrence.

Here is what political scientist Leah Stokes has said: “Dealing with the climate crisis is a decades-long transformation of our energy systems”

( For background and content from LA Times)

This posting was prompted, resourced, and referenced to the March 30 issue of the LA Times

Compiled and posted on April 11, 2020

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