What Is Your Corporate Responsibility in Response to the Coronavirus?

Mark Cuban

Now more than ever there is an opportunity for influential people to speak out and share their insight, observations, and ideas about the impact of the Coronavirus. Mark Cuban from Shark Tank, the Dallas Mavericks, and many Web and digital investments does just that in this extended and well positioned interview on NPR Radio, WBUR

This interview is timely. There is a need, a place, and an almost desperate message from the words and insights of some one who has established himself as a leader, thought leader, and investor in technology and sports entertainment. This Cuban interview covers paying employees, compassionate capitalism, and most of all — what this moment in time means to our country and the changes it will render.

More influential people in sports, entertainment, government, and society in general need to speak out on every aspect of the situation that has been produced by the Coronavirus pandemic. The current administration is not providing the leadership, strategy, and action-ables that is needed.

“If enough companies do get it, and those companies do better and set a prime example of how a company should be run in America 2.0, then I think that’s how you get momentum.”MARK CUBAN

For the entire interview:

SITES: http://markcubancompanies.com/index.html; https://www.wbur.org/about

Posting of the interview with Mark Cuban on NPR Radio, WBUR

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