Why Young Race Horses Should Not be Raced until 6 years Old

Thoroughbred Race Horses are being put down at Major Race Tracks in record numbers. as result of racing and training schedules. Drugs are masking the condition of horses prior to racing. Owner pressure to allow the horse asset to produce racing revenue results in horses being put under stress before bone and muscles structure is mature or developed. [ at age six)

Race Tracks, Racing Officials, Associations, and Horse Owners are seeking to reduce deaths by regulating the drug usage, reduced racing schedules, and vetting. The absence of a national body, commission, or regulation leaves the problem in hands of at least 30 state and local associations and racing jurisdictions.

( Possible) To stop racing horses younger than six years of age is an economic, social, and infrastructure impossibility. National, state, and local regulatory legislation, action, and oversight to monitor, control, and facilitate racing standards and practices in needed.

Here are two video clips of presentations of the problem by a respected and prominent New York Veterinarian, Dr. Kraig Kulikowski, DVM:  Ethics and the Modern Veterinarian Medicine.

1) The Ethics of Modern Veterinarians

2) Presentation of Dr. Kulikowski to the New York State Senate.

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