U.S. Mental Health Infrastructure Not Ready for Coronavirus Fallout.

Federal, State, and Local Mental Health groups, agencies, and organizations say they are not prepared for the continuing impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. All are rushing to find and mobilize services and resources. People may not be seeking help because they fear being exposed to the virus if they enter the system.

The shortage of psychiatrists and mental health professionals & providers in areas where 111 Million people live. 50% of the country does not have the needed mental health practitioners.

$ 425 M for Mental Health in the passed Stimulus package; Mental health providers are delivering telemedicine services and suicide prevention programs. Another $38B infusion is forthcoming with the second bill from Congress.

Suicide have increased at least 33% to become 10th leading cause of death. 32% of people say the suffer from distress and worry. See numbers in all areas above.

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Note the contribution of ComPysch Corp https://www.compsych.com/

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