California Horse Racing Officials Say Rights Groups are Not Their Friends and Are Using COVID 19 to Lobby Shutdown

The Stronachs, California Horse Racing Board, & Thoroughbred Owners seek to ridicule & ignore Animal Rights Groups & Public Health Groups who seek to shut down racing schedules. Their theory, they say, is that PETA and other animal rights groups are using COVID-19 as an invalid reason to stop racing in California

Track officials and The Stronach Group CEO say that after complaints to LA County Health Department and other agencies have failed to gain action, the activists are now bringing the potential of a Coronavirus outbreak in the horse barns and track into the campaign to end racing. The Thoroughbred Owners plan to counter with meetings, briefings, the SBA, and horse owners in the next week.

45 horses have been put down at Santa Anita alone so far in 2020. Deaths at other tracks through out the country and training accidents go unreported in the media and racing groups and associations are silent with no press releases, statements, or reporting.

California Horse Racing Board:;
The Stronach Group
Thoroughbred Owners of California

I’m very passionate about the subject,” “It’s one thing to support animal welfare, but the extremists who want to end horse racing. We cannot work with them. They are not our friends. They’ve largely lied and they’ve been given a free run on the lead”
— Thoroughbred Owners of California president and CEO Greg Avioli.

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