Aging Public Transportation Rail Infrastructure May Become National Logistics Crisis in Next Two Years

Railroad track and rail Infrastructure nationally is in desperate need of repair, replacement, and upgrading,

More than 35 percent of the nation’s fixed guideway railroad elements and tracks (dedicated right-of-way), nearly 40 percent of stations, over 24 percent of maintenance facilities, 17 percent of communication systems and 2.1 percent of vehicles are in poor condition and need repair or replacement. Could result in over 160,000 loss of jobs.

Massive federal loans to the railroad companies so they will invest in track and facility repairs. To fix all of this list would cost over $80B. $4.6B is needed for Backlog Repairs alone. See Four action-able TakeAways on the Link below.  The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act required that a strategic plan be completed by 2017. See The Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement
Financing (RRIF) Program.

“This recent study shows that decades of underinvestment in America’s aging bus and rail public transit infrastructure has negative effects on the economy” —-Paul P. Skoutelas, APTA president

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Original Article in the Philadelphia Inquirer:” “What’s our aging transportation infrastructure costing the economy? ” 
Link to Philadelpia Inquirer:

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