China to Win Long Term Driverless Car Race With U.S. But Local Partners in Each Country’s Home Market is Key

China was as much as 3 years behind in technology and production. While U.S. has edge presently, China has more people and thus more market and data, leads in 5G Infrastructure so can test more, and has a receptive market for self driving

Local car companies in each country have the advantage in winning their markets. Difficult for U.S. companies to compete wit the four major driverless car makers in China because officials favor own domestic makers.

A bifurcated market seems to be evolving with each company using its own ecosystem of materials, production, and technology.

“I expect U.S. and China players to first become successful in their own markets with regs and consumer perception making it harder for either side to win…..”—-Andrew Berdichevsky, Director of Deloitte’s Future of Mobility Solutions Center.

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STATS: 48% of American think autonomous vehicles were unsafe- per Deloitte Survey

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