Not Prime Time to Unionize: Amazon and All Companies Can Become ESOPs

Amazon is experiencing strikes and sickouts. Now fending off organized labor by using traditional tactics and perks even hardball actions. Coronavirus now provides leverage to employees to unionize

Amazon is trying to meet huge demand for online delivery of goods. Opposition to the organizing of a union would be PR nightmare. Union leaders seeking to gain foothold by using pandemic to change how workers view their critical jobs.

Bezos should/could suggest and back the formation of an ESOP [Employee Stock Ownership Plan] at Amazon. Would becomes a Capitalist hero to thousands of Amazon employees and perpetuates his image and track record of being an innovator and visionary.

Presently over 600,000 people who work for companies of 100 or more employees have stock ownership as a benefit and pay package. In 2016, there were 6,624 ESOPs.

What does Employee Ownership mean to employees?

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