Ellison Creates Covid-19 Treatment Database & Makes Lanai a Wellness Base

Larry Ellison is doing two really needed actions 1) Quietly making his island, Lanai, into a Wellness Center 2) Mobilizing Oracle, Agus, Food and Drug Administration, and his resources to establish a database that tells doctors and patients exactly what is going on with COVID – 19. Also seeks to establish a green house system to produce food Worldwide,

How the COVID -19 Database will work—-Doctors will register every COVID 19 case on the Oracle website. Progress reports will posted daily on symptoms and situations in all parts of the country. This data-driven health database powered by clean energy could be prototype for the entire World. Lanai has become the “petri dish of experimentation on health, wellness, and sustainability.

This data collection is sorely needed along with the need for a feedback loop. Ellison and other tech leaders are providing solutions to other issues like the global food supply chain, nutrition, and the transition from fossil fuels. Six greenhouses on Lanai are producing million of pounds of food in a controlled environment.

“Business is the definition of sustainability.” –Larry Ellison

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Exclusive: Larry Ellison Reveals His Big Data Battle Plan To Fight Coronavirus In Partnership With Trump White House
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