Six Guidelines for How to Get People to Really Read and Act on Your Stuff

Is your content really being read?

Most people do not really read the content in newspapers, magazines, e-newsletters or long emails from their Mom or ranting sister. Why? It is just too much trouble to slog through paragraph and paragraph of content jammed on a Web page. Reporters do seem to use topical sentences. But eye grabbing layouts for easy ingestion are rare.

Much of what is published, printed, posted, and/or postulated is lost and ignored. This is caused by people being really busy ( and maybe lazy) but is mostly compounded by the format, layout, and structure of how content is presented on the page in every platform from print to web pages to texts even White Papers and Studies. Some say that newspapers are just awful.

Everyone should consider and examine how they structure a communications. These six guidelines for a new approach and platform for content will contribute to your readership, the comprehension of your content messaging, and your influence and good looks. GO TO

Why people skip newspapers and read news on the web instead.; Newspaper bane: Nobody reads the stories;

Guidelines were developed by the Editorial Team at Automotive Information Network after 25 years of publishing online web sites and e-newsletters in nearly every market segment of the automotive and transportation industry.

Note: If you click on the File link under SOLUTIONS you will see the 6 Guidelines.  If you click on each Guideline image you will gain specific resources and information on how to post content.

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