How UPS & FedX Can Not Just Survive But Profit with Last Mile Cargo Bikes

The major logistical delivery companies, UPS and FedX. are seeking to handle the “Last Mile” of package delivery by either slogging the big delivery vans down a residential or commercial street or sending the package recipients to a nearby store or related outlet like CVS or Walmart for pickup. 

The cost of delivering packages and good for the last few yards or even a mile is rendering this service as almost unprofitable.

Park the Lumbering Vans on a side street a mile or so away from delivery area. Organize the packages in the van into street segments. Load packages on the back of Cargo Bike that is stored and transported on the outside rear of the big van. Delivered the packages with a E-Cargo bike that doesn’t pollute or make noise and zip up and down streets, parking lots, and commercial store fronts.  See attached resources and e-bike configurations that accomplish easy. quick, and functional delivery.

How to Profit from B2C Last Mile Deliveries:  




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