New Industry Conference Survival Guide and Business Model Emerging, Online or On-Site

Industry Conferences Cancelled

The Pandemic has forced the cancellation or rescheduling of most every conference event for next 3 months or even longer. Loss of income, interaction with attendees, and marketing opportunities for all parties who stage, exhibit, and sell products and services through and with a conference business model.

Loss or deferment of conference fees and revenue by associations, professional conference companies, city and state governments, and consulting groups.

Many conferences have gone online, presenting and staging speakers, exhibitors, and content at no cost. Shorter and virtual events are being produced and streamed for smaller conference fees.  If and as on-site conferences return,  full protective gear, screened attendees, scanning, mandated contact tracing apps are being imposed.  The role of marketing communications resources from advance releases and promotions to post conference programming are being integrated into a new industry conference business model that offers a complete battery of communication resources lasting for as much as 3 month before and after a conference.

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