Getting Old is a Bitch: Worm Turning as Being Aged is Status Symbol & Role Model of Wisdom & Experience


Getting old is for everybody. And it is getting worse.  There is a magnified stigma and write off process that goes on, particularly if you are over 60 or maybe even 50. The message is clear – people seem to care little about the well being of older adults. The Pandemic has made it worse. Be Cool as your day in the barrel is coming.

The worth of older people is questioned, mostly by people who think it is not going to happen to them . The Stigma is growing. The Economy has become more important. Ageism is a a form of discrimination. Older people are dying from the COVID Pandemic. Pitting Old vs Young people against each other is a dysfunctional activity.

Create opportunities, situations, and predicaments where age, time in grade, and experience can deliver solutions, strategies, and actions that solve problems that young people do not know about or care to make matter. Foster contact and communications between young and old in order to tap into the experience of age and risk taking invincibility of youth.  Make seniors mentors in all aspects of our society. Stop retiring–just chill out or go for long walk or maybe a trip when COVID is rid.

“Anytime you mention the Virus and Risk, immediately people think of older adults.”– Dilip Jeste, psychiatrist, UC San Diego: ” If you are saying that older people do not have value, what you saying is that you do not have value”– Gregory Kuhl, 69 year old senior.

LA Times :http://The pandemic has amplified ageism. ‘It’s open season for discrimination’ against older adults

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