Are You Staying Sane Under the Lockdown? How’s Your Productivity Working at Home?

The mental stress of being quarantined at home is beginning to manifest in different ways and may affect work-from-home productivity


It happened to all of us. We lost track of what day of the week it was.
Just one Zoom meeting can make one want to scream.
Supermarket customers are very grumpy. They are yelling at others.
People wearing masks in public give those who choose not to disdainful looks.
Focusing on the work-from-home crowd is challenging. Will the mental stress drag down productivity?
One would think it has to. And so what shall we do? Strong emotions like fear and disgust make time slow down.


How the brain perceives the passage of time can throw our perceptions out of whack.
So general idea is that people take certain events during the week that are cyclical, and they anchor themselves to it
Try doing different things on certain days. Make pancakes for breakfast. Get more rest.
Drive somewhere for an outdoor adventure.
Create a different kind of emotion called approach motivation. 


““The more people who are experiencing worry and stress, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future, the more they are experiencing time that seems to go by slower,” -Philip Gable, PhD, director of experimental programs at the University of Alabama at Birmingham


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