Second Pandemic of Anxiety, Depression, & PTS Forthcoming Caused by Economic Dislocation & Isolation

The mental health system is broken. Now people are asking where do they turn for help

Need to fix this fragmented health care system.  Objective is to get care to those who need it

Reach out for those who live alone.
Need an organized response that trains and deploys people to reach out to those in need.
Need for programs to be people back to work
Adopt the California Health Corps that employs retired medical professionals to deal with physical healthcare needs.
Democratize the national health care system

Four Possible Action-ables:

  1. Expand California Health Care into Mental Health Corp to provide full range of support 
  2. Increase state support for more more suicide, crisis, and warning lines
  3. Train laypeople in techniques in coping with stress & trauma
  4. Promote volunteer & mutual aid to facilitate people to help.

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