Don’t Listen to the Zoombies in Sweatpants. Most people Want to be with Other Business People.

Do we ever go back to offices ? 

One can quickly tire of the social media posts that say “I hope I never have to go back to the office again;  I like not having to do my hair or dressing up.”  Speak for yourself;  most people want to go back.
Attended the virtual AdAge event on Tuesday May 12th 2020 called “How TV is Navigating The New Normal.”
The speakers, all zooming from home were high-level executives in the broadcasting industry
Although they all claimed to be getting work done, they clearly wanted to be back in the office.

The Solution is to attain Balance.   The author  [Mike Pochan] predicts that the post-Pandemic ‘normal’ will be a mix of in-person and Zoom, not one or the other.
The key is to use Zoom when one person needs to disseminate information quickly or when the physical travel is too costly or inconvenient.
In-person meetings will continue where the people need to be engaged and able to read each other’s body language.
The neo-managers who master this balance will benefit moreso from the technology and will be more productive and profitable.

Here are some of the comments from the conference:  “It is not easy to focus on work when you’re in the home 24 hours a day 7 days a week with your kids.The work-home-family lines are blurred.”

On Why important ?  It is about Engagement.  “We have done Zoom meetings with our clients to buy advertising slots from us, but they were clearly not as engaged as in a face-to-face meeting. There were not as many questions.”

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This “Fix” and its Content & Sourcing originated and produced by Contributing Editor, Michael Pochan, Entrepreneur, Carnegie Mellon Professor, and renowned for his insightful and critical thinking about issues and opportunities.

Here is what Ad Age published that triggered this posting”

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