The End of Advertising: Why It Had to Die, and the Creative Resurrection to Come


Forms of what has been called Advertising are either changing, not working, or are about to downgraded as communications platforms.
Traditional advertising, as we know it, is over. The End of Advertising book offers both a wake-up call and a road map to the future.


Millions are downloading ad-blocking software: More are paying for subscriptions to avoid ads.
This $600 billion industry is now being sidelined or curtailed.
Author Essex gives a brief and pungent history of the rise and fall of Adland.
The title baits one to find out Why Advertising had to die but creative Resurrection is to come

Book presents an essential new vision of where the smart businesses could be headed.
Ads could become so enticing that people would pay—yes, pay—to see them.
The author sez Selling Ain’t Telling;  Just listing the attributes of a product is not same as a good story
Add a little romance offering products & services with a good brand story,

The End of Advertising Book –
Inc Magazine

Future Collective | The End of Advertising as we know it


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