You Gotta Listen to Michelle Avary: The State of the Automotive Industry and the Future post COVID-19


Here is an extraordinary analysis and strategic observation from Michelle Avary, World Economic Forum.  Her compilation and articulation of what and how is just superb and stunning.

You gotta listen to this and make notes. Michelle’s insights, observations, and strategic directives are a “must” for the automotive executive corps.

SOLUTIONS: [Here is what you going to “get” as you listen to ready state to take notes and then act. 

  • A reflection on the financial impacts across Asia and what this could mean for the global automotive industry
  • What have we learnt so far from COVID-19 and how could this affect sales, dealerships and volume
  • Supply chain: as many factories close, how should we prepare as an industry and what could a 2nd wave do to supply chain?
  • Post COVID-19: as we takeaway many learnings and a change in public perceptions, how might factories need to evolve ?


The actual video recording of what Michelle had to say:

More insights and strategic positioning from Michelle Avary

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