Get Rid of Your Second Car. Replace with Hi Performance E-Bike and No Traffic Hassle

Covid-19 pandemic has created a global quandary about how to travel quickly and safely.
Has lead to increased interest in bicycling  and demand for e-bikes.
Demand  is rising for Pedal-assisted models among commuters and bikers.

Custom-designed magnesium housing has reduced the weight of the motor and the bike.
Proportion of bikers is likely to decrease for 2020 as work from home and lockdown mandates globally continue.
This development has produced the same E-Bike power, but lighter bike weight.
Growth opportunities in electrification huge but buyers still are cautious given the price tag,

Predictions are that cycling would see a 1 %  rise among people who bike to work, between 2019 to 2022.
People can get to work with out relying on public transportation or personal car.

Sales of all turbo e-bikes have more than doubled;
E-Bikes can reach speeds of about 30 miles per hour get to work without having to rely on public

Ian Kenny, Specialized’s head of marketing for the Turbo line. “It’s not that people won’t use cars anymore, but they’ll use a car for the trips that make sense and maybe not buy a second car, and buy an e-bike instead,”

SALES: Specialized Bicycle Components Inc., in Morgan Hill, Calif Strictly Bicycles, Fort Lee, N.J. “

SOURCES: Bloomberg  “Getting Lighter and Faster, E-Bikes Reach Cruising Speed”

Getting Lighter and Faster, E-Bikes Reach Cruising Speed



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