Will COVID Pandemic Finally Wake Up The Automotive Industry? Is Online Purchasing a Kind of Ventilator for Dealer Sales ?

The automotive industry as a whole including the dealers had a slow pace of change. Only visible change in the way vehicles are sold is Tesla selling direct and Carvana delivering pre owned vehicles to your door.

Little real change in the way vehicle are sold and marketed has occurred in last several years.  The same sales process remains in place with the consumer buyer putting up with it.

COVID Pandemic has increased amount of online car shopping.
Dealer and online sales platforms like Carvana are working to deliver vehicle to your door.
As Lockdowns are released, shoppers will resist going to dealership to get a vehicle.
Buyer will begin to demand delivery to their residence or office.
Still no real digital revolution by retailers to make vehicle ownership easy and hassle free
Buying a car at dealers will not change much once this epidemic is under control.

SAYS: “Dealerships often may there margins less by selling cars and more on selling ad ons”.–  Buss, auto consultant at Oliver Wyman

SOURCE Online Shopping is Coming to Cars”  

[Wall Street Journal posting on “Heard on the Street” by Stephen Wilmot prompted this posting & vehicle sales assessment ]


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