Looks like More AR Technology in Vehicles Will Help Keep You Alive on Your Way to Downtown

Vehicle manufacturers are adding more AR into their already advancing use of technology in new vehicles.


Each new add AR feature that is being added to new models is taking us toward safer driving if not autonomous vehicle.
Windscreens may even be fitted with advanced infra-red cameras to illuminate dark car parks


  1. Intelligent Terrain Mapping

New technologies by Mercedes Benz, Google and Apple.
View of the road from inside our cars is poised to look extremely different.
You can expect markings on the sides of the road to make you aware

  1. Augmented Marketing

AR advertising spend is predicted to hit $2.6bn in 2022.
Bloomberg says AR advertising in cars will be next to hit our windscreens.
Vanarama visualizes will involve movies, displaying bank balances,or virtual advertisements..

  1. Intuitive Road Safety

PSA Groupe making headway in regard to improving road safety using AR.
Safety features include a lane keeping assist, obstacle warning & pedestrian detection.
You can expect weather alerts to warn drivers of a potential downpour or thunderstorm,

320,661% increase forecasted in AR/VR Automotive Investment, showing a staggering increase in just 8 years

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