Three Wheeled Bots Accomplish Grocery Cart Delivery Runs Using Bike Path

Prototype Robotic Vehicles are emerging as safe, efficient, and reliable automated delivery solutions of groceries and food.

Capability of this Bot 3 Wheelers bolsters its use to accomplish The Last Mile Deliveries.
COVID 19 Lockdowns further fostered need for contactless deliveries & the timely bot;
Performance of this delivery service by robotic technology may well change & challenge Uber, Door Dash, & other driver intensive delivery services.

Simply put — these Robot vehicles could eventually replace the store to door delivery services by food and grocery company drivers.
Could be a new player in the Last Mile Strategy of even replace or be a part of UPS and Amazon.
Refraction AI robot unit weighs only 100 lbs and travel up to 15 mph. So could be trucked to locations for the Last Mile Delivery.
Then used to delivery packages, food, and goods the last mile on crowded suburban cities.

Delivery vehicle market to increase 30% by 2030.

“So we are building something that we can put out there on the roads and
conceivably take over bigs chunks of  The Last Mile delivery and all that was pre-COVID.” — Matthew Johnson-Roberson,  CEO Refraction AI

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Companies of Note in this Posting:  Refraction AI, Nuro;

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