City Paper Recyclables Now Being Converted to Cheap Hydrogen Fuel

Waste to Fuel process uses plasma heating technology to convert and disintegrate paper waste in hydrogen fuel.
Solena Group is looking for ways to successfully produce fuel without generating planet warming gases.
Test are going on in Lancaster CA awaiting Funding.

Hydrogen fuel could ultimately replace or supplement oil and gas.
Problem is that this “Green Fuel” is still too expensive to impact demand.
Process basically involves using heat and pressure to convert paper to gas.
Minimum goal is to produce cheap fuel with minimum carbon emissions.
Fueling stations will be set up for growing demand for hydrogen powered vehicles.

Lancaster City and Solena hope to reduce or cut emissions.
The City had already stopped using privately owned utility, seeking to buy cheaper power.
Hydrogen fuel has been used to power plasma torches.
Also a demand for Hydrogen in petroleum refining and fertilizer production.
So called “Green Fuel” can have use and applications in homes & businesses for heating & cooking.

Solena Group seeks funding to build a $55M facility in Lancaster with production early next year.
Bloomberg study stated that renewable hydrogen could meet 24% of World demand by 2050.

“If we continue producing energy as we have been, we are not going to be here in 50 years.” – R.Rex Harris, Mayor of Lancaster;
“Our technology can only follow what the market demands are.” — Robert Do, CEO, Solena Group

Content derived from LA Times, Business Section “Lancaster, energy firm pursue hot idea”

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