Second Skin on Produce Surface Fixes Food Waste in Flawed Food Supply Chain.

The shelf life of fruit and vegetables continues to be short.
And massive spoilage and waste has been exacerbated by the COVID Pandemic.
Need to get produce to market & to slow down the time to waste— without refrigeration.
This technology has produced a triumph in the life of an avocado.

The problem is not production but finding a way to increase the storage life of fresh fruits & vegetables.
Or what is referred to as “Amortization of Supply”; Accomplished by a Respiration process..
The pipeline from farm to plate has been disrupted even more by COVID 19.
Grocery stores generally do not profit from produce so extending the “Veg Life” contributes.
The vegetable and fruit preservation is changing how & what people eat.
Idea to extend produce life developed & supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Use of Apeel Science process at attain zero food waste is reducing post harvest losses.

Company. Apeel Sciences, developed a process to double the skin or surface of fruits & vegetables.
Makes a microscopic skin layer out the molecular components from discarded skins of the same fruits & vegetables.
Gives produce an extra “peel” that slows the rate of water loss & oxidation, primary causes of spoilage.
Fruits & vegetables respire which curtails the loss of moisture that ultimately causes rot.
Slowing the respiration of the produce more than refrigeration is the challenge.
The treatment or spraying of second skin on produce is deemed organic.
Process considered to bring down green house gases per Project Draw Down.
Protective seal slows down the rate of water loss & the oxidation process, extending the shelf life

Respiration involves the oxidation of sugars to produce carbon dioxide, water and heat.
Apeel has developed water-based solution; designed to be either sprayed directly onto produce or have produce dipped into solution.
Uses plant-based materials like the peels of fruits and vegetables to create an invisible, natural coating.
Producing a protective seal that slows down the rate of water loss and the oxidation process.
Extending the shelf life of the treated fruits & vegetables by weeks, doubling the shelf life.

STATS: 35% to 40% of food ends up as garbage.

“With half the Food supply system getting shut off practically overnight, what we’ve seen is lot of waste drive up to the farm level. ” –Dana Gunders, Executive Director of Non-Profit, ReFed.

“You are always fighting the battle of Time”- Walter Robb, former Whole Food Exec

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Sick of fruits and veggies going bad? This second skin doubles their life spans”

You can find the company, Apeel Science, Goleta CA at

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