Fed Courts Rulings Show Failure to Protect the Environment & Address Fossil Fuel Impact on Climate

The Current Administration ignored or downplayed environmental damage from oil & gas development.
Lawsuits over Oil and gas leases, coal mining, & pipelines transporting fuels deemed the Government action to be illegal .
Now more environmental analysis reveals Admin action’s were illegal

Judgements ruling against the Administration on climate change have only caused more flawed & incomplete environmental analysis to be issued.
Judiciary regarded as slowing down expansive actions for more fossil fuel.
U.S. Official did not access ecological damage and ignored ruling, input, and environmentalists.

Courts seem to be responding to environmental activists & cases in California, Idaho, & Montana.
These actions do not appear to have slowed down Administration efforts to remove obstacles to more oil & gas development.
Environmental activists have been frustrated by court rulings that have not stopped actions to issue flawed or incomplete economic analysis.

Many of the decisions the Trump administration has been issuing are arguably illegal and in some cases blatantly so.”–Mark Squillace, Associate Dean, U of Colorado Law School.

Gas leases for more than 300,000 acres of public lands in Montana and Wyoming were cancelled.

LA Times ” Court Rein in Fossil Fuel Agenda” (053120)  https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-05-28/trump-fossil-fuel-agenda-environment-federal-judges

LAW: Meet the judge at the heart of the West's top energy battles ...

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