Working Starship Robots Safely Delivering Goods, Food, & Packages for the Last Mile Globally

The publishing team at asked the robotic Starship Team about delivering goods the “Last Mile”.
Starship is a six-wheeled ground robot that can navigate streets and sidewalks autonomously.
It’s designed to be safe and robust, offering on-demand package delivery for consumers and businesses.

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Does the Team at Refraction AI “buy into” the concept, application, and development of cargo and merchandize being delivered in the last mile by a robot?

Company is humbled at how appreciative people have been that robots are able to make contactless deliveries.
Starship robots have now gone from a convenience to an essential service for many, especially people with health conditions and those that are self-isolating.
The robots are being use by customers of the restaurants and grocers who interact with in getting deliveries to & for them.
Starship Team is offering free deliveries to NHS Frontline Workers who are working incredibly hard during these very stressful times.

What kinds of transportation, logistics, and mobility companies would be or are “targets” for this 3 wheeler?

Starship has launched service in several new areas in the past few months
including Washington, DC/Chevy Chase, Fairfax, VA, Mountain View, CA, Bowling Green, OH and Frisco, TX
Also added new service areas and more businesses to Milton Keynes, UK.
There are currently hundreds of Starship robots in operation, maneuvering on six wheels, and we’ve more than tripled our robot delivery fleet in the last year.
The company has partnered with many many companies and there are a range of merchants–
Including Blaze Pizza, Starbucks, Dunkin’, Second Stop grocery store, Ava’s Market & Deli, Dopio Zero (pizza), St Stephens Greens (pub food), Vitality Bowl (Acai Bowls + Smoothies), and Umai Sushi.

How is this product being marketed in the U.S. Market? 

Starship is the world’s leading autonomous delivery robot.
To date,  Starship robots have completed over 100,000 autonomous deliveries, traveled over 500,000 miles and completed over 5 M road crossings around the world.
Robots are currently operating in five countries around the world and in many cities
Starship recently expanded its service area in Milton Keynes, UK to offer food and grocery deliveries to more than 180,000 additional people.
Starship robots typically travel up to 4 MPH and deliver within a 3-4 mile delivery radius.
Developers are very optimistic about the future of robot deliveries and how they can help improve people’s daily lives.

“The demand for contactless delivery has expanded exponentially in recent weeks,” –Ryan Tuohy, Biz Dev at Starship Technologies

Starship Technologies is sending its autonomous robots to more cities as demand for contactless delivery rises

Starship Technologies CEO Lex Bayer on focus and opportunity in autonomous delivery


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