Bayer Denies Glyphosate in Roundup Causes Cancer; Seeks Oral Settlements

Bayer & Its Weed Killer Using Oral Agreement to stave off even more and bigger lawsuits.
Glyphosate in Roundup said to cause Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer.

Weedkiller Roundup will continue to be sold with out any warnings while the lawsuits go on & final settlement is sought.
So called agreements or deals cover as many as 85,000 cases & involve $10B plan to end the costly legal battle.
Increase in lawsuits is impacting Bayer stock and asset base:
Recent court & negotiating by Bayer has shown the company is not going to just “roll over” & pay out.

Bayer paid $63B for Monsanto.
Total liability from the massive number of lawsuits could exceed $10B.
Involve 50,000 to 85,000 cases.

About Bayer not just agreeing or rolling over –“It says they will fight ’em through the appeals, which could years to resolve” — Carl Tobias, U of Richmond Law Professor.

“Examining a Possible Link between Glyphosate Exposure and Health Status among Racehorses”.

“Bayer reaches deal on Roundup Lawsuits” LATimes 060120-

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