Has Corporate Automotive, The Dealers, & The Industry Orgs Failed Black America?

Vehicles sales numbers to the Black Consumer automotive market are hard to find.
Questions are being asked & reviews are being made to see to what extent black executives are in management, on the Boards, and represented in the corporate and dealer structure of the U.S. Auto Industry;
A review of Board Members on major automotive companies show few if any black executives.  Ford has only one.
Blacks & Women continue to be absent from corporate boards, key leadership positions, & management teams, whether automotive, technology,  or consumer brands

Appears that the matter of Blacks in management, demographic focus, and marketing resources of the industry have not been a priority;
Even sites that foster the tremendous contribution of Blacks have not posted current content , such as NAMAD
OEMs seem to lump any sales numbers to Blacks in the Minority market to include the Latino & Asian sales.

First off — A search to find any Black Auto Sales stats is challenge. Some numbers seem to say it is about 3.5% of the total auto sales annually.
Renewed focus on this market by OEM’s appears to be needed.
Search of sales numbers in the Used or PreOwned market are equally challenging to find.
Perhaps the combination of the COVID Lockdown and the race demonstrations in the Street will bring renewed attention to the sales and marketing of vehicles to the Black Community,
Companies should use the clout to gain change. Starts at the top. Industry Leadership is paramount.
Need a national playbook that goes beyond contributing money to a non-profit.
Corporations are now rushing to ask what they can do about the situation and to align themselves with Black causes.
A playbook is needed & many companies are scrambling to bring more diversity into their structure & decision making.

“The list of black executives starts getting thin” “There aren’t enough good examples.”  Wes Moore, Robin Hood, a New York charity organization.
“The thing we should be aiming for is a new normal that is grounded in justice –not criminal but economic justice” — Wes Moore, Robin Hood (again)

Sunday New York Times- “Corporate America Has Failed Black America: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/06/business/corporate-america-has-failed-black-america.html

General Motors Organizational Change Case Study

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