Now Six Whips Per Race? Does the CHRB, Owners, The Stronachs, & Jockey Guild Realize How Awful that Sounds?

The California Horse Racing Board by a vote of 4 to 2 passed a rule that says a Jockey cannot hit a race horse with a whip more than 6 times in a race.

The rule would go into effect in October.
The leadership of the CHRB seems to be frustrated by the incessant delays in implementing this & other rules to protect a horse in a race.
Members are insisting that this action be taken. Jockeys and reps what want to delay at least month.
There is and was opposition of the Jockey Guild to this Whipping rule
Claiming the whip prevent accidents & that Jockeys can’t do their job with out the Whip.
The rule would allow no more than two strikes in succession in using whips to meet new board standards.

The whipping limitation is apparently part of the bill on Horse Racing Integrity that is now stuck in Senator Wicker’s Commerce committee.
A major argument is to wait on implementing a Whipping Rule was to wait for the legislation of pass in both houses of Congress.
Jockeys seems to be opposed to any limitation on the use of Whips, and maybe some pre race use of drugs and inspections.
Many jockeys and trainers contend that being unable to strike a horse will lead to chaos and unpredictability during races.
Board members and racing executives say the public demands more humane treatment of horses..

WHO OPPOSED THE RULE: Jockeys’ Guild, along with riders Mike Smith and Aaron Gryder; Also Attorney Shane Gusman and Terence Meyocks, president & CEO of the Jockeys’ Guild

WHO STOOD THEIR GROUND? Chairman Gregory Ferraro and Scott Chaney, the board’s new executive director,

“We’re concerned that it’s not going to work, and that there’s going to be real safety issues when a jockey is unable to perform his or her job,”  — Attorney Shane Gusman;

“We’re never going to please the jocks. They don’t want to do anything but keep the status quo. We appreciate their argument.
But it’s not going to fly in the face of the public demand that we quit hitting these horses.”-  Gregory Ferraro, CHRB Chairman.

SOURCE:  See “California Horse Racing Board approves rule restricting jockeys to 6 whips per race”

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