How to Ace Bike Management 101 & Park, Even Leave Your Car

SITUATION:  Here is a kind of Guide to how to acquire a bike, from whom, what to pay for it and how to use it – in the park,  to the store and even to work.

SIGNIFICANCE: This long and detailed article is for some one who sorta thought about buying a bike but never really got around to it.

You are going to feel much better, maybe even get in shape, & have a way of blowing off steam caused by the pandemic, politics, & too much couch and TV.
Consider and E-bike if you are thinking commuting to your office when it opens up

STATS:   The actual number of bikes (Pedaled or human powered) in the U.S. is some where between 50 and 100 M

Why I’m Wearing a Mask While Riding—and Why You Should, Too” –

So You’re Thinking About Riding a Bike  Source:

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