Five Lessons from Fearless Female Leaders – Now For the Males

Women continue to need a lot of support, advocacy, and opportunity.
There are actions to be taken by the dominant male management infrastructure.
Women working in automotive are gaining  a balance or equity in corporate power, investment, and opportunity in all of business, particularly the automotive industry.
But it is all too slow and things seem to evolve under a the cloud of women fearing to act fearlessly

It is becoming more and more apparent and evident that women making gradual progress in gaining a balance in business leadership, financial returns, and influence.
But not enough or fast enough.
Now the focus in on bringing venture funds, stock offering, site development, and financial backing for women who can lead and help change the automotive market and its sales and distribution model

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Here are Five Lessons gathered and positioned by one of the leading public relations and communication leaders in the Auto Industry, Laurie Halter

Note: This timely article or Career Resource by Laurie Halter, Charisma Communications was published in Digital Dealer back in March.
Laurie and her team has worked in every facet of the auto industry to create and hone great story-tellers.
Speaking at conferences, penning articles in industry magazines, becoming social media darlings or just highlighting dealerships doing amazing things.
Charisma! has helped tech companies launch, grow and ultimately sell their technology in auto.
Charisma! Communications is a content agency focused on the needs of the automotive marketplace. Been in the industry over 15 year

Five Lessons from Fearless Female Leaders

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Five Lessons from Fearless Female Leaders





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