Breaking Through the Silence & Inaction in Automotive about Racism, BLM, & Change – All Talk Again?

It appears that the entire automotive industry is not really talking about racism,  diversity, and opportunities for Blacks & minorities.
The action the OEMs and channel participants is mixed, filled with good intentions, but little specific or visible actions.

Major question is to ask whether their actions will live up to their words.
Many corporations have responded by standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement
Have explicitly supported their Black employees – for the first time.
However, want to really see & Know what the auto companies are or are not doing about BLM? Go See

Action-ables: Examine the state of diversity and inclusion in their own workplaces, address inequities–
Disclose results of both to provide a benchmark against which progress can be measured.
Corporate leaders must also acknowledge that serious work needs to be done to undo the the systemic injustice.
Breaking the silence on racial injustice is just a first step;
Automotive companies  should also expand their disclosure of diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) topics, starting with demographic data.

Of the 300 companies analyzed by Just Capital in their COVID-19 Corporate Response Tracker,
199 companies (about 66%) have made a statement in support of their Black employees and the Black Lives Matter movement,
Statement ranged from posts on corporate social media accounts to letters from boards of directors, and commitments to change from CEOs.
Nearly half of the companies tracked (48%) have yet to disclose any information about the racial and ethnic identity of their workforces.
Take a look at the JustCapital Rankings—GM is Number 18; Ford is 67th, and Lear is 197  

Breaking the Silence on Racial Injustice Is the First Step. The Next Is Disclosing Workforce Demographics.

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