All About White Males Again–Dominate Auto Tech, Transportation Management, & Tech Overall

When one searches, watches, & researches for the organizational and managerial composition of a Tech company
you rarely see a Black and/or Women executive in any of the Tech positions such  DP, IT, or Programming at any of the major automotive related sites and businesses.

Work force diversity has not been published or effective advocated by Industry giants;
Big companies like Google have failed to make much progress in being more diverse.
Existing places where personal relationship could be fostered end up being gate keeper situations.
Black professional are waiting to see whether pledges of change actually come about.

Fill or fix the need for access and support.
White males can create personal relationships & networking working environments.
What is needed? – Consistent money, time, and leadership.
All focused on bringing more Black Tech Professionals and investors in the industry:
Compelling & urgent need for structural change.

Google reports that 5.9% of its workers and contractors are Latino; 3.7% are Black: 12% of tech grads are black;
Black investors make up 1% of venture capitalist. 6% of investment banks are black; 3.8%of Facebook employees are black

BLCK VC member Brentt Baltimore says what is needed is “boots on the ground”

“Tech’s approach to diversity in last few years has been like filling a bathtub with the drain open”— Kapor Klein

SOURCES: [Articles outlines the problem and many solutions]

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