Green Energy & Clean Technology Companies Now Turning Green for Investors

Investing in Green Companies is like pouring money into autonomous vehicles.
Risky. The Return is uncertain and questionable–and is a matter of timing.
Is this carbon free power source going to stay with a return or turn a different color?
A Green Revolution is happening no matter. 

Support for the environment is increasing– from the public and political backers.
COVID 19 has delayed renewable energy projects.
Cost of renewable energy has become competitive with fossil fuels.
Stock market, governments, and corporations are recognizing a big change.
Companies that survived the shake out emerging with strong market  positions, and returns

Key Players: Royal Dutch Shell, Air Liquide, Toyota, Nikola (E-Truck Maker). Vestas, Orsted, Ballard

More investment is needed like the stimulus plan by the European Union.
Are the Markets taking a risk by investing in Clean Tech stocks? Yes.
Successful launching & rollouts of Green Tech companies do not/will not guarantee returns.
Lack of a successful return on Green investment in the past is making some wary & careful.

Green Tech stocks are up 37% over last two years.

SOURCES: Green Energy is Going Mainstream:

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