Amazon Zoox-ing Closer to Last Mile & Autonomous Vehicle Package Delivery

Amazon just bought Zoox for $1B per analysts.
Add previously purchased Rivan (EV Developer) &  Aurora Innovation (HD Trucks)
Means Amazon seek to be in complete control of the delivery of every online order.
Pandemic could cause some delay in completing a master plan for logistic delivery business model.

This acquisition combined with the original Amazon logistics business model fills out a complete  capability.
Enables Amazon to deliver goods to your door. — and probably with no hunan involved; Definitely no UPS or FedX.
Use of drones, autonomous vehicles, and robots — deliver any thing you need in less than 24,
Represents long range strategy for Amazon as autonomous and electric vehicle technology evolves over some time period.
Amazon has received $990M from investors so has cash to bash competitors & even regulators.

Amazon could well solve its own logistics channel challenge and obstacles.
This combo  of alternative delivery vehicles, channels, & methods solves a lot of cost & logistics problems.
Further, it transform mobility as a service by now involving the movement of people as well as their goods.
Self driving robots are what is coming.
This move will render Amazon more independence from UPS, FedX and USPS.

Rivian has committed to build 100,000 Electric vans for Amazon

Amazon buys Zoox

Also: LAT Times – Amazon’ Purchse of Zoox may open new delivery lane,–


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