Ford SW Being Tested in Police Vehicles to See If Interior Heat Kills COVID Virus

Ford Software can heat vehicle interior to 133 degrees F to kill the virus.
Interior heat literally bakes the virus.

The Software is available for Police Utility vehicles Years 2013-2019;
Ford chose to focus on Police vehicles first.

Being tested by Ford, Ohio State University in 6 states, including CA and NY:
Use and test are to keep the interior of vehicles sanitized.
Vehicle Power train and heat control systems are utilizing in the heating process .
Hazard lights and taillights flash in a preset pattern when the interior heating is in process.
Ford is exploring ways to add antimicrobial materials to future models using Explorer crossovers.
Ford says heat could be more effective than disinfectants in reaching areas that could be missed.

“First responders are on the front lines protecting us all”– Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s Chief Product Office

Automotive News June 1 issue– Ford Software Heats Up Police-Car Interiors to 133 Degrees to Kill Coronavirus



Ford Develops Software To Bake Away Coronavirus In Police Vehicles





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