Bud Lite Leader Doesn’t Go Lightly With Culture of Adaptability & Empowered Employees

American Icon and Foreign-owned, Budweiser, adapts to Covid19 Pandemic with culture of action and urgency focused on consumers and their people.

Company that makes beer seems focused on people drinking alone as social distance & crowd dispersal prevails in the Country.
The CEO of Budweiser, Carlos Brito, seeks to foster big dream for the best people who have an ownership mindset

Bud is working on e-commerce business model with contact-less delivery and bigger beer packs.
The mindset of the company is focused on where the consumer is going and never being satisfied with the results.
Wants to foster communities that are environmentally sound  where people are talking about problems and solutions.

Brito looks for three things in potential purpose initiatives:

  • Results have to be sustainably secured.
  • Must help the company evolve.
  • Has to make a contribution to the community.

SAYS: By Carlos Brito

“I went back to my people I said, ‘We really need to think hard about this’,” Brito said. “Anybody can sell products.
In the end, if you are part of the community, you need to be part of the solution to problems.”

“My main function is really people. The only truly sustainable competitive advantage is the people you attract, the culture and the mindset.”


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Content is derived and inspired by an NPR Interview with Carlos Brito by Curt Nickisch covers Business & Technology at Boston’s NPR news station, WBUR.


Also from Harvard Business Review: http://HBR https://hbr.org/podcast/2020/06/ab-inbev-ceo-on-adapting-in-the-face-of-crisis   

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