The Country has TRUMPHOBIA – An Affliction of Silence & Muted Response Caused by Fear & Aversion to Confront the Truth about Donald Trump

Two power groups of governmental & political infrastructure are buried in silence, fear, & lack of leadership..
The groups are Republican Party Leaders & Former Trump Adminstration Officials.
A kind of “Veil of Fear” or “Circle of Phobia” around these constituencies prevails.
Several key issues confronting America today fostered by hesitancy and the Twitter-Rath of Donald Trump.

Result is that there is No balance of power between the legislative & executive branches of gov’t
Republican party & legislators are about aversion, abandonment or rejection.
Officials exhibit an extreme or irrational fear of confrontation and doing what is right.

These TWO DEMOGRAPHIC groups are entrapped in Fear.
Groups being victimized by a failure to muster the political, social, & personal strength, will, and conviction to tell Trump what he is doing is irrational.
Confront Trump about what he has done is damaging to the country.
What he should be doing as President that is not being done.

SOLUTION(S) or Takeaways:

  1. Recognize that “Trumphobia” has several other phobias within the scope the overall affliction that is impacting Trumps behavior:

     Autophobia –         Fear of being alone.

    Anthrophobia –    Fear of People

     Catagelophobia – Fear of being ridiculed

     Sociophobia –       Fear of Social Evaluation

     Verminophobia –  Fear of Germs [Trump]

2. While phobias can be extremely uncomfortable & challenging, therapy & medication can help.  and Action. 

3.  Congressional Leadership must take a stand; Electorate must consider replacing the president; And Speak out.

“Overcoming the Fear of Loss: 5 Steps to Get Unstuck”

Article by Lori Deschene

Fear Of Speaking Out - Olivier Larvor - Medium

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