Do Not Defund Police Departments; Rather Merge With Public Safety Depts: Combine Functions, Leadership & Mission

The Time has come to change the name and function of Police Departments to Public Safety Departments.
And to merge, expand,  and redefine the purpose, mission, and jurisdiction of the combined two agencies.

Public Service Departments now have strong public safety partnerships with Police.
Public safety departments include Fire Safety/Emergency Planning & Environmental Health & Safety, & Risk Management.
The Public Safety, Resource Protection and Emergency Services would provide leadership & strategic guidance.
Four primary areas: Law enforcement, Security, Intelligence & Technology

Departments of Public Service provide:
Program direction & oversight on law enforcement policy
Border security [Where applicable]
Drug enforcement
Internal affairs
Program compliance and inspections
Oversight of the Dept’s physical, personnel, & national security programs
Overall protection of critical infrastructure 

Five organizational divisions of the Office of Law Enforcement Support:
Law Enforcement, Security, Intelligence, Technology, & Interior Security.
Also Create OLES within the Health and Human Services Agency
Dedicated to a safe & secure environment for patients at state & local facilities.
OLES would develop law enforcement, security, & intelligence policies & procedures

Combine Police & Public Safety Department’s including function & leadership
Primary mission would be to provide a safe & secure environment for the city, jurisdiction, & assigned community.
Focus of work would be to improve public trust, public safety and transformational culture change.
Directed funding for train new police officers in violence prevention.
Officers would receive implicit bias training and body cameras.
Community policing would be emphasized.
Policies rewritten to include a “duty to intervene”.
Public safety officers to be cross-trained as both a police officer & a firefighter.
At the state level, Dept of Public Safety to be the cabinet level agency that includes the state police

“We have an opportunity to reimagine what the future of public safety looks like,” – Steve Fletcher, a City Council member

“We are going to dramatically rethink how we approach public safety and emergency response” – “Jeremiah Ellison, City Council


“Cities Ask if It’s Time to Defund Police and ‘Reimagine’ Public Safety” –


Campus Safety | Alfred University

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