Cuomo Uses a Comm Style that Gives the Press, People, & Politicians Five Lessons in How to Communicate Effectively

The format, content, tone, and presentation methodology used by Andrew Cuomo
for his weekly COVID 19 briefings captures the ways and means that should be used by all communicators,
presenters, and even journalists, particularly those on TV, newspapers, magazines and Online.

Communication style, rhetoric, & content shows leadership & a leader.
Cuomo understands & uses statistics, logistics, & epidemiology.
He comes across as an executive in charge, trying to do everything possible.
Provides figures & statistics in a very matter of fact – but human way.
Paints the grim reality, but he does it in a way that’s human& constructive.
Uses fact-based policies as the crises requires to fit rhetorical answer.
His job-performance rating soared in March to its highest level ever.

Has emerged as a very credible source of public information.
HIs style is such that it’s almost presidential.
Cuomo is example of someone who has risen to the occasion.

The Three Basic Communication Resources or Methods he uses:
First –       Discusses the current (problematic) lack of coordination:
Second – Describes the coordination necessary to survive the current crisis
Third –      Outlines specific actions that he & others have, are, or will be taking:

Andrew Cuomo’s Five Lessons on Leadership are built around:

Transparency of Message & Sources
Field General Techniques
Clarity of Content & Expression
Causing People to believe he’s in there with them
Realizing Content Not Great TV – So He and Power Point

See this link:

What did it for Andrew Cuomo?
Has adopted an effective Communication Strategy, style, & Process.
People want to see in a leader that is transparent, credible & accountable.
His style is very personal & believable. He is taking responsibility.
Gives you facts, statistics, and relatable examples.
Someone with a thoughtful, no-holds-barred, unvarnished approach.
Banter with his brother (Chris) totally humanized him.
He makes people believe he’s in there with them.
There for the long haul and gets what people are going through.
He wants to fight this thing and it draws people in.
Consistently seen using PowerPoint slides on television as he talks.
Give you a simple straightforward message is powerful.
You want to hear what we’re doing & this is what we need you to do.

“What America needs now is a field general” — Davia Temin, Temin & Co, Crisis-management & reputation consulting firm.\





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