Spot, the Robot Dog, Makes No Bones about Taking on Dangerous Jobs in Construction, Nuclear Sites, & Factories Using Much Situational Awareness

Spot, the Robot, at Work

Pandemic has made robots a source of labor for companies selling staple goods.
Retailers are hiring thousands of Robots to replace people.
Spot, the Robot that moves goods is now for sale & lease after testing & applications.

Robots are now augmenting jobs done by humans, not replacing them.
So Boston Dynamics has debuted sale of its Spot, the agile robot.
Climbs stairs & traverses rough terrain with ease & more.
SPOT is on the spot after short term lease program Intro.

BD introduced Early Adopter Program for companies to use & try Spot.
Applying automation to dynamic environments & increase efficiency.
Spot’s modular platform is easily-configurable with accessories & add-ons.
Now available through online buying service after years of testing & apps

Applications & Results where Spot is working:
Saving time – as much as 20 hours of work per week; Captures 5,000 images for building project in construction industry.
Data Collection – automating the capture of laser scans & 360-degree images reduces risk of return visits & project delays
Leverages Anomaly Detection Software applications – reduces human risk in dangerous situation.
Navigating Underground Terrain at NADA JPL – Uses integrated autonomy, perception and communication tools

What about Spot?
Spot is designed to go where other robots can’t go, performs number of tasks.
Can be reconfigured for various use cases to increase efficiency.
The Robot greatly reduce safety risks in the hazard workplaces.
150 Spot robots successfully used by businesses & research facilities.
Early Adopters used Spot robots to document construction progress.
Monitors remote or hazardous environments & provides situational awareness.
Spot robots are being used in a variety of environments.
Examples: Power generation facilities, decommissioned nuclear sites, factory floors, construction sites, & research laboratories.

“At Boston Dynamics, we have spent decades creating and refining robots with advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence because we believe agile robots can solve a broad range of real world problems,” – Marc Raibert, chairman and founder of Boston Dynamics. “

“The world of dangerous environments, where you want to consider automation taking over tasks that humans would be doing, have expanded pretty rapidly over the past few months,” —  Boston Dynamics VP of Business Development Michael Perry


“Boston Dynamics Starts Selling Spot Robot for $74,500”.

Spot the robot is seen at Pomerleau work site in Montreal on Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020.


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