How To Deal With Both the Good & The Bad Things U.S. Presidents Have, Should, or Could Have Done

The Making of a President: What Makes Good Ones live on with flaws & Bad Ones to be forgotten?
Many of these presidents were honored by the erection of a statue of their likeness.
Statues of U.S. Presidents & Confederates heroes are being taken down all over the Country.
America is torn between good & bad things past presidents did or was needed,
Now many are calling for the removal of some presidential statues & memorials.
Primarily presidents who owned slaves. were racists & suppressed black people.
Idea gained new traction after national unrest over death of George Floyd’s death.

All men (and some Women) have flaws. Presidents are no exception.
Prejudice, social, & cultural norms were accepted during time in office.
Allowed presidents with bad policies and racial prejudice to suppress people.
Was no real awareness or consideration of racial discrimination & its impact.

Since this is about Presidents, The Good & the Bad Ones should be considered.
Both Good & Bad presidents have been remembered with statues & Memorials.
Now taking down statues of dead presidents may be needed and about time.
Some authorized government agencies should now review the why of every statue.
Statues in Wash. DC now governed by National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission.
Responsible for approving statues and memorials within Washington, D.C.
Suggest Congress make a list all of each president’s accomplishments & contributions.
Also a second list of all of the issues, problems, or actions by each president that were bad.
From these lists the Commission, Congress, & the American people can decide.

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Check out Humankind, a book that is a  sweeping survey of human existence Argues that, despite all obvious flaws, most people are basically good.

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