They’re Still Off & Not Running: How to Make Sense Out of CHRB Race Horse Necropsies, Vet Reports, & Wimpy Maryland Lasix-Free Pilot Program Agreement for 2023

Most race tracks continue to seek refuge from public & press scrutiny.
Los Alamitos & the Maryland Racing Commission on hot seat currently.
Los Al for horse deaths and Maryland Racing Commission for Lasix ban.
So Maryland Jockey Club & Stronachs make an agreement on Lasix Use.
Bans Lasix at tracks using a 3 years out timetable for implementation.
Coming forth with do the right thing”actions to ban Lasix 3 years from now

Musculoskeletal Injury is part of CAHFS Lab Report on affected Limb by Track Type.
Report seeks to examine racing surfaces affected Dirt Synthetic Turf
Meantime, more dead horses at Los Alamitos in mid-July 2020 .
The CHRB points to it “Postmortem Examination Program” for answers that aren’t there/
Took a whole year to produce the Report for July 2018-June 30, 2019

The Report was done by the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System at UC Davis.
Contains categories like Submission, Injury analytics, Scientific publications & Meetings attended by the authors.
No specific or concrete recommendations or actions in the Report for the action to be taken by any racing authorities.
CHRB Med Director suggests cause of the breakdowns not the tracks, but are trainers, horse management & Vets.
Report says Musculoskeletal Injury is greater on dirt synthetic turf.
Meantime, Los Al is about to lose its license over recent deaths.


“Board Equine Medical Director Dr. Rick Arthur who supervises horse necropsy reports says the track at Los Alamitos alone isn’t the problem.

“What I have reviewed on these cases so far are the same problems we see everywhere in racing. Questionable training and horse management, and questionable veterinary practices.”—Rick Arthur


“Los Alamitos Race Track Could Lose Its License Over Horse Deaths”-

POSTMORTEM EXAMINATION PROGRAM – Conducted for the California Horse Racing Board July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019  – authored by the

California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System School of Veterinary Medicine University of California, Davis Davis, CA 95616 (530) 752-8700 May 2020

Del Mar has first horse fatality of 2020 meeting - Encinitas Advocate







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