Out of Control COVID19 Has Made Threat of Climate Change Catastrophe Asymptomatic & Lesser Priority

The COVID-19 Pandemic in the U.S. seems out of control at the moment.
Caused the loss of an opportunity for the Country to invest, structure, & act on Climate Change initiatives, legislation, & regulations?
Has been a retrograde of climate issues with regularity in last 4 years.
There is division about which way do we go with NO time to waste

Focus & spends on such climate saving actions as solar panels, wind farms, & green transportation management has been sidelined.
Instead we are pushing coal-fired power plants, oil wells, factory production pollution, & vehicles that produce green house gases.
Now we have a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to act in spite of the Pandemic & its domination of priorities.
Plastic was developed as an oil derivative product to become a go-to building block for consumer goods.
Effort continues to develop alternative to fossil fuel which has become part of global economy.
Ironically, COVID 10 will have some effect to reduce emissions as we approach our opportunity.
Every company will be combating climate one way or another in the near future.

U.S. must find a way to regain respect for science & to instill fear about the future.
Need for a “National Marshall Plan” for managing Climate Control and our response.
Be aware that a 1.5 C degree increase as a limit or threshold for the climate impact.
Invest in a greener infrastructure like $1 trillion investment in next 3 years.
Establish government programs that would produce nearly 10M jobs worldwide.
Countries like South Korea & Rwanda are creating new climate adaption programs.
IMF & international institutions are nudging countries to bring climate change into Corona-19 initiatives.

SAYS; “We have run out of time to build new things in old ways.”– Rob Jackson, Earth System Scientist, Stanford University


A masterpiece of magazine journalism in July 20 Issue of Time [ ONE LAST CHANCE]  “THE Defining Year for the Planet “- https://time.com/magazine/






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