“Moloka‘i Nō Ka Heke” [Moloka‘i is the Greatest] But Did Monsanto’s Spraying Chemicals Turn Portions of Molokai into a GMO Wasteland? Did Money & Time Fix The Problem?

Reports & Lawsuits reveal that Bayer’s Monsanto endangered public health & the environment  of two islands.
Knowingly stored & applied highly hazardous & banned insecticide methyl parathion on Maui & Molokai.
Bayer Monsanto stored over 270 lbs of methyl parathion on Maui & Molokai.
Amount made company a “Large Quantity Generator” of hazardous waste; Did not seek out the proper permits.
Company transported the waste & Failed to identify it as such on a shipping manifest.

Bayer Monsanto worked behind the scenes to deal with & prevent Fed Intervention.
Used high-powered connections to avoid responsibility for its actions.
Was apparent leniency toward Monsanto by the U.S. Department of Justice.
Enforcement of environmental regs plummeted to the lowest levels in decades.
Monsanto is still battling a slew of high-profile lawsuits.
Contending that its Roundup weed killer does not cause cancer.
Had its Washington lawyers intervene with the DOJ to stop the felony case,.
Chemical Methyl parathion may cause —-death, loss of consciousness, dizziness, confusion, headaches, difficult breathing, chest tightness, wheezing, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, tremors, blurred vision, and sweating

Monsanto admitted to improperly storing and transporting Penncap-M,  Violation of federal law.
Company paid fines for storing the pesticide Penncap-M, an “acute hazardous waste” on Maui and Molokai.|
Question is — Did this money from Lawsuits in any way fix the problem & enable Molokai residents to use their land.
Does or did the pineapple companies contribute by using spraying on pineapples for years?
Lawsuits also claimed that the weed killer caused cancer.
Hawaii finally forced companies to say what pesticides they were spraying.
Monsanto spraying continued into 2017 and is apparently still on Molokai with an acreage plot of experimental farming.


 U.S. Attorney’s office for the Central District of California. “We take this very seriously and accept full responsibility for our actions,” 

 Monsanto consultant’s memo quotes a White House adviser: “We have Monsanto’s back on pesticides regulation


“Overruled: Top Justice Department Appointees Quash Felony Charge Against Monsanto”  – https://www.pogo.org/investigation/2019/08/overruled-top-justice-department-appointees-quash-felony-charge-against-monsanto/


Monsanto to plead guilty to criminal count of spraying banned pesticide – https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/2019/11/22/monsanto-plead-guilty-criminal-count-spraying-banned-pesticide-maui/


 Ongoing Source: Beyond Pesticides, 701 E Street, SE, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20003

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