Getting Diverse about Disrupting Diversity: Four Actions to Drive Change – Not Just Talk

Diversity hopefully has become a top or higher priority for Corporate America.
Looks like COVID 19 may have given the automotive industry an excuse for letting things be for a while.

There seems to be few or little calls for change, fixing diversity, & to become more inclusive in Corporate America.
The need to fix a broken systems as means of improving corporate performance and financial returns seems mote.
When we get back to really driving diversity, here is a Blueprint for Lasting Change from the July 20 Issue of WSJ.

  • Don’t let an annual review of diversity in your organization to be just checking the boxes.
  • Realize that real change takes time — as we have seen for sometime
  • Be consistent and follow through on action-able plans

SOLUTION: [The Four Action-ables from Rachel Feintzeig’s Work & Life article: [With some applications]

  1. Do a full diversity audit of the company or organization.
  2. Rethink Leadership & how your team is really doing to be diverse & inclusive.
  3. Standardize Hiring practices.  Remove the sex and color of applicants from review.
  4. Be an Advocate of diversity, inclusiveness, mentorship, and making things right.

SAYS: “I 100% think companies can do this. What many of us are waiting to see is if they will.” – Adia Harvey Wingfield, Sociologist, Washington University


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