Robots Are Going the Last Mile & Up Your Driveway to Deliver Food, Meds, & Supplies- All Without Wearing a Mask.

Are we going to see and experience more of this kind of delivery goods and services on our block?
Starship Robots are making contactless deliveries of food & merchandize to residences & commercial operations during pandemic.

Robot Units are going from a convenience  or experimental use to an essential service.
People with health conditions & those that are self-isolating rely on deliveries.
Deliveries of restaurant food & groceries to people who can’t get out.
Starship currently operating in five countries around the world in cities.
Company is optimistic about the future of robot deliveries

Starship seeks to the world’s leading autonomous delivery robot of food & groceries.
Currently hundreds of Starship robots in operation, maneuvering streets on six wheels.
Launched service in Washington, DC/Chevy Chase, Fairfax, VA, Mountain View, CA, Bowling Green, OH & San Francisco.
Starship robots typically travel up to 4 MPH and deliver within a 3-4 mile delivery radius of origination.
Maker, Refraction AI, developed application for cargo being delivered in last mile by robot.
Transportation, logistics, & mobility companies are “targets” for Starship.
With the pandemic, delivery robots helping college students to safely get  food & supplies.
Issuing Wellness packs with StarShip delivery including face masks, hand sanitizers & alcohol wipes.

Refraction AI Website:

 “Starship Technologies is sending its autonomous robots to more cities as demand for contactless delivery rises”

For more info about Robot Deliveries;
Contact: Henry Harris-Burland.

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