Wake Up, America. Pandemic or not: Need for Massive Reskilling & Retraining of Workers, Even those in Tech; Auto Could be Crisis in the Making .

Thousands of companies are immersed in a digital revolution.
Need for companies to transform their operations with retrained employees.
Must either retrain or hire new qualified employees in technology & automation.
Re-skilling required for jobs that face high automation & digitalization potential.

AI, Robotics, & Algorithms impacting career options & opportunities.
Employers & people seeking employment should expect industry to require skills that aren’t easily taught to existing employees.
Employment landscape in the automotive industry is changing.
Companies like General Motors cutting salaried workforce & laying off factory workers.
While investing more in electric and autonomous cars.
Sign of things to come for the auto industry and all of U.S. economy.

What are the Training Daze Challenges?
Companies face a number of hurdles to successfully train workers for the skills needed in the evolving digital economy.

Companies typically don’t have a clear view of their employees’ talents.

Upskilling takes time. Can find someone quicker outside the company,

Worker engagement:
Companies can involve workers in decisions on new technology to implement.
Finding that some already have the knowledge & others can be trained.

Employers have a reluctance to invest in needed to retrain staff.

Cost of Retraining
Organizations spent more than $1,300 per employee on training, up 8%

Unrealistic expectations:
Society needs to recalibrate expectations for worker retraining

What is the automotive industry doing to stay ahead?
Employers have an urgent task of investing in their current workers.
Upskilling, Reskilling, Retraining, even new-skilling are needed ASAP.
Fulfillment-centers for employees produce certification programs.
Employers are getting little help from the U.S. government.
Washington politicians spend a lot of time talking about training, no action.
Still U.S. workers receive relatively little career education.
The secret to successful Reskilling, keeping tech training short enough.
Objective achievable: Workers learn real skills & employers get a ROI.
Forthcoming “Technical tsunami” in vehicle repair industry caused by vehicle advancements.

GM lay off 8,000 in fossil fuel vehicle production; hiring for EV manufacturing.

” Why Companies Are Failing at Reskilling” – 

“If we change that process, then we would see the potential of the workforce. We would see where the training needs are,” – Thomas Kochan, a professor of industrial relations, MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

“If not training on new technologies and materials, then you’re falling behind” – Automotive Industry Training Manager

Survey: The State of Employee Reskilling & Upskilling Training


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