Rebuild Pettus Bridge as the John Lewis Bridge in the Next Year. Memorialize Bridge, Lewis Legacy, & His Core Message

John Lewis lead the marches over the Pettus Bridge on the Alabama River.
His name is associated with the Bridge and those marches for change
However In 2011, the Pettus bridge was listed as functionally obsolete
Bridge does not meet current design standards for current traffic load.
Note:78,000 bridges in the U.S. are rated as functionally obsolete.


Time, timing, and timeliness makes name change public demand.
Bridge carries four lanes of U.S. Route 80 Business
Spans the  Alabama River from Selma on the west side to points east.
Has a total of 11 spans. It has 10 smaller concrete spans,
Main span in the center, over the river, is made of steel.
The center of the bridge is 100 ft (30 m) over the river.

Rebuild the old bridge or build a new bridge to meet standards.
Rename the Bridge “ The John Lewis Bridge”.
Make the Bridge a National monument.
Honor John Lewis for his contribution to America.


John Lewis nearly died on the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Now it may be renamed for him –




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